Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our Facebook Fans Love "The Princess Bridesmaid!"

Our fans on Facebook have been going crazy over "The Princess Bridesmaid!"  They love the show!  But don't take our word for it, here's what they had to say...
FB friends, I have been a season ticket holder for 2 years now and now my kids are too. Each and every play is hilarious and a very creative spoof off the name of the play. If you want a fun night with the family I highly recommend spending an evening at the Desert Star Theatre. They serve food while you enjoy the show. Wonderful fun for all!”
Nancy Kauffman
“"My husband and I have had season tickets for a few years now and always love getting to go to these plays. What a great date night. We thought the Princess Bridesmaid was a very fun show as usual."
Liz Clegg Nielsen
“Christie and I went and enjoyed The Princess Bridesmaid at Desert Star Playhouse this weekend. You should too! They provide awesome laughs every time.”
– BJ Tenney
We really enjoyed the Princess Bridesmaid. It was great fun with a lot of ad-libs which is always enjoyable.” 
– R. Max Woolsey
Great for the whole family!”
– Nicole Wilcox
This show was super funny and we love the Olios that they do at the end of each play. Definitely worth the money and a fun date night!!” 
– Jamie Peay Triptow
“Go see "The Princess Bridesmaid" at The Desert Star. We've had season tickets for several years, and my kids think this show is in the top 3 that we've seen. Worth the money!”
 – Jennifer Stoddard
“If you're looking for some family friendly fun, you can't beat Desert Star!”
– Teresa Draper

“Last week my wife and I went to the Desert Star Playhouse and saw The Princess Bridesmaid. As always we had such a great time. The cast did and excellent job and me and the wife could not stop laughing. If you are looking for a fun date night I would recommend going and seeing this show. You can buy your tickets right online, it is real easy. For more details, visit this link.” 
– Joe Koombs

The Princess Bridesmaid at Desert Star is a must see. It is funny as (well, you know).” 
– R. Dan Wilson
“Our family loves to go the the Desert Star Playhouse for family fun. The girls love the plays but they also love that they get to eat dinner and have dessert at intermission. Right now the show is The Princess Bridesmaid. Each play has a fun twist to it. The girls asked for Season Tickets for Christmas this year and we are glad Santa got them for the family.”
– Renee Nielson
"I saw this show on opening weekend and loved it. One of the funniest shows I've seen and I've been a season ticket holder for years. " 
– Jason Stanley
“We highly recommend seeing the Princess Bridesmaid at the Desert Star Playhouse. In fact... why not buy season tickets !!! Great fun and wonderful entertainment.” 
– Wayne Walton
“Luke, Jake, and I thoroughly enjoyed Desert Star's current spoof called The Princess Bridesmaid. If you have never gone to a melodrama, you should go to this one. Very family friendly and hilarious! We have had season's passes to Desert Star for 4 years now. Check out the trailer. Also, the oleo they do after (a collection of themed songs and skits) has one skit that had me laughing so hard I was crying. It involves 2 men and their spittoons . . .”
 – Lydia LaPutka
You should all go see the Princess Bridesmaid. It was so much fun. We make it our date night and go to every show.”
– Lindy Shook
Hey friends! I highly recommend that you go check out Princess Bridesmaid at Desert Star Theaters. I have seen it once already and the laughs were so fun that I am heading back again this weekend. It is great to enjoy great humor, some singing and some delicious food while you are there. Make time to go there and enjoy yourself.”
– Laurie Allgood
“Okay. I LOVE Desert Star. We have been season ticket holders now for about four years. Every show is fun and entertaining. I would recommend it to all! Go watch The Princess Bridesmaid!” 
– Laurie Elington
“This was seriously so funny! We loved it! Go see it.” 
– Mindy Tilley
“If you're looking for somthing fun to do, go see The Princess Bridesmaid at Desert Star. Here's a link to their website.” 
– Jennifer Kennedy
“The Princess Brides Maid at Desert Star Playhouse was a ball. We have season tickets and it is a great date night!”
 – Shirley Jorgensen 
So, if you haven't seen The Princess Bridesmaid at Desert Start Theater, what are you waiting for? Once again, another hilarious rip off of a well known production, in this case, the Princess Bride, and once again, sarcasm, innuendo, innane plot twists and lots of local jokes abound. Wanna go?  Tickets are now online. Tell 'em I sent ya. They'll say "Who?" and probably send the police. That is all...”
– Brian and Dawn Hart
“So the other day we went to the Desert Star and saw the Princess Bridesmaid. It was a very good show like always. I have never had a bad time at the Desert Star and if you haven't been to see the latest show you should make an effort here's the link “ 
– Charles Sipes
“If anyone is looking for a good mother's day gift this is a great one! Desert Star has the best plays. You gotta go see the "The Princess Bridesmaid". It's hilarious! Autumn and I have season passes this year and we just went to this one. We took her daughter and mine and made a day of it. The comparisons to the original "Princess Bride" are great but all of the little quirks each character has make it way funnier. The mother of the Prince/Bar Maiden is probably the funniest character, he's great at improv-ing but all of them are good at it as well he's just one of my favorites. You gotta give Desert Star a look, it's funny and it's inexpensive. You will love this place!”
 – Sunshine McCloud
“Hey everyone, Doug and I went and saw “The Princess Bridesmaid”  They kind of added stuff from Pirates of the Caribbean to it to, we enjoyed great pizza, great service and lots and lots of laughs, and the audience even gets to help sing a song or two!!   We purchased season tickets this year, and have been enjoying a play every five or six weeks.  For a great night out, go!”
– Carol Woolsey
“Anyone else like going to The Desert Star Playhouse? We've been season ticket holders for a couple of years now and it makes a great datenight. It's kind of an old style dinner/playhouse. If you're looking for a fun place to take your spouse, this is the place. The current play is "The Princess Bridesmaid" and it was really funny!” 
– Greg or Hayley Brown 
“This is a seriously funny show! We have been season ticket holders for several years. Desert Star is our kids' favorite family activity. Great cast had us giggling all afternoon.” 
– Julie Bressler

“Great performance. We expect the best when we go to Desert Star and are never disappointed. Loved Princess Bridesmaid!” 
– Barbara Sheffield

“We went to Desert Star over the weekend. They're showing "The Princess Bridesmaid." What a hoot! There are so many references in there to different movies and things, like Monty Python and Winnie the Pooh. My mother-in-law was laughing almost as hard as I was. Total riot. Good times. Check it out.” 
– Nova McClurg
“Went and saw the Princess Bridesmaid at Desert Star Playhouse. So Cute!” 
– Courtney Halverson
Have you seen The Princess Bridesmaid at the Desert Star Play house? We saw it the first week because we are season ticket holders. It was a lot of fun.” 
– Claudia Sorensen

“Looking for something fun to do this weekend or a great idea for Mother's Day?? Then check out the hilarious show going on at Desert Star right now, The Princess Bridesmaid. If you like the Princess Bride you will love this parody. Check out their website.” 
– Kim Overdiek, 
Desert Star Playhouse is so much fun! You should go check out this months show!
Princess Bridesmaid!” 

– Denise Christiansen. 
The Desert Star Playhouse is showing Princess Bridesmaid. It is hilarious, one of our all time favorites. Go check it out, it's definitely fun times.”
Miranda Evans
Were are fans of Desert Star Playhouse. It is great family fun. We have season tickets!”
Ryan Bradley
Hi everyone, Just saw the play “The Princess Bridesmaid “ at the Desert Star in Murray, Utah.  What a great play to see.  Carol and I have bought seasons tickets because we enjoy the good, clean entertainment they have.  The Pizza there is really good too.  If you have a chance you should check it out.” 
– Doug Woolsey 
Had a blast at the Desert Star! All of their shows are good but Princess Bridesmaid was EXTRA good! You should see if if you haven't already.” 
– Tom Evans
“I love Desert Star and the Princess Bridesmaid. What a great way to spend an evening.” 
– Marlene Shepherd
“You should all go see the Princess Bridesmaid. It was so much fun. We make it our date night and go to every show.” 
– Lindy shook
“We were amazed during the whole show how many references to other movies, plays and characters were made. It was an enjoyable evening to spend together with my wife. We always love seeing the shows performed here. Well done!” 
– Michael Whitchurch

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