Friday, March 22, 2013

Broadway Classic Get's Turned On It's Ear In Returning Comedy!

Desert Star Playhouse is bringing it’s beloved comedic makeover of the Broadway musical, “Les Miz,” back to Utah’s Funniest Family Theatre.  Opening March 28, “Les Miserables –Or– A Lot Less Miserable” is an over-the-top parody of the Broadway classic that offers big laughs with kooky characters, silly songs, and a healthy dose of local humor.

“This show has long been one of our audience favorites,” said Scott Holman, who has directed the show twice before at Desert Star.  “So, with the popularity of the recent movie adaptation, many of our patrons wondered why we weren’t doing our version of the Broadway classic. With this great fan feedback we decided the time was right for the return of our comedy version, Audiences can enjoy the drama of the big screen blockbuster, and then get a good laugh from our hysterical deconstruction.”

You may have seen the recent movie of "Les Mis" with its incredible music, and dramatic storyline.  Now here’s you chance to see the laugh-out-loud funny parody! Even if you've never seen the original musical, we guarantee you'll enjoy our hilarious parody of this classic tale! The story centers around Jean Levi-Jean, a man who was imprisoned for stealing a loaf of bread, and Inspector Javert, the merciless constable who hounds him after he breaks parole. With funny songs, outrageous French accent, and lots of humor, it's fun for the whole family.

According to Executive Producer Mike Todd, “The main reason to come to Desert Star is to laugh, and “Les Miserables” promises to have audiences laughing until their sides ache.” You’ll boo the villain and cheer the hero as you experience our fast-paced precision comedy.”  Actor ad-libs and skilled improvisations are also part of Desert Star’s unique style.  Don’t be surprised if jokes about local politicians, sports teams, celebrities, and current events find their way into the production.  “If it’s in the news this morning, it’ll be on our stage tonight,” says Todd.

Tickets are on sale now and patrons can call the theatre box office at 801-266-2600 or visit for reservations.  With audience interaction, lively music, and side-splitting comedy …It’s ALWAYS Fun at Desert Star Playhouse!