Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Special Holiday Change

We originally planned to produce “A Christmas Carol Part2” but strap on your tap shoes, grab the mistletoe and get ready as Desert Star announces a special change for our 2013 holiday production.  This Holiday Season we are bringing you “Miracle on 42nd Street:”  This joyous parody for the whole family bursts into town November 14th,

This laugh-out-loud musical parody is a festive tale filled with wit, charm, and a lot of Christmas spirit.  “Miracle on 42nd Street” is the perfect show to end our 25th Anniversary Season. 

As snow begins to fall on Broadway, legendary producer C.B. D’Mille is working to create a hit show to revive his struggling theatre.  He is hoping that his new show, “Christmas Magic,” will be the masterpiece to get him back on his feet.  He has placed his hopes in his two stars, Joan Rivers and Santa Claws (who has been billed as the “real” Santa).  But rival theatre owner, Hardy Steele, wants to ruin the show and take over the theatre as part of his devious plan to rule all of Broadway.

It’s up to Billy Gailey, the talented but sometimes bumbling director of “Christmas Magic,” and D’Mille’s assistant Sarah to work together, stop Steele and save the show.  But that’s not all that needs saving.  It seems Sarah has long believed that Santa is nothing more than a fictional character and has convinced her young daughter that he doesn’t exist.  So Joan Rivers sets out to prove otherwise and save the day just in time for the holidays!  This hilarious holiday romp is sure to put even the toughest of humbugs in the Christmas spirit.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Critics Are Raving About The Hungry Games!

The media is buzzing with talk about "The Hungry Games!" The latest comedy at Desert Star Playhouse is leaving audiences full of laughter and is a hit with all ages. We thought it would be fun to share with you some excerpts of what reviewers are saying about this fun-filled parody.

Deseret News

"Desert Star's 'The Hungry Games' serves up hilarious family fun...

...'The Hungry Games,' entertains with a multitude of popular song spoofs and witty comments on Utah society and popular culture...

...The storyline is intriguing and the comedy is true to Desert Star’s reputation as hilarious and family friendly.”

Provo Daily Herald

"The ‘Hungry Games’ serves up a steady diet of laughs!...

...A whole new realm of reality entertainment that could only be made possible by a venue as daring as the Desert Star Playhouse... 

...Complete with the merry making and farce that so aptly defines a Desert Star experience.”

Utah Theatre Bloggers

“Billions of laughs served at ‘The Hungry Games!...

...It’s a can’t-miss for Desert Star enthusiasts and a great place to start if you’re new to the theatre...

...As is generally the case in these tales, good eventually triumphs over evil, but not before some hilarious mishaps occur on stage...

...It’s a simple enough premise, and one that gave Bryan Dayley the opportunity to create a script with diverse comedic targets...

...The Hungry Games is a success because of its well-rounded script, its talented cast of quirky characters, and the inescapable tongue-in-cheek Desert Star charm. Appropriate for all ages, this show is great for a great date, a girls’ night out, or a family activity. If you’ve never been to Desert Star, this is a great first experience. And if you already know you love the format, don’t pass on The Hungry Games.” 

"The night ends in Desert Star tradition with a collection of songs (and comedy) presented as the Olio.  This shows theme was 'Songs of Comedy Olio,'...I always enjoy the Olio. It's a great opportunity to see the actors set aside the show’s characters and play the part of themselves on stage."

Front Row Reviewers Utah

“The Hungry Games leaves you ‘full’ of laughter!...

...Co-Directors Scott Holman and Mary Parker Williams kept the cast in high energy, and the fast scene changes, make this show enjoyable to watch...

...This show was very fun for me, as well as the audience. There were many times I found myself laughing out loud."

See the show that all the critics are raving about!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Feed Your Hunger For Laughter

Audiences are falling in love with "The Hungry Games!"  With it's clever script, hilarious characters and laugh-out-loud moments, this is truly a hit for the whole family.  Read what some of our guests are saying about this all-new comedy!

One of the funniest ones to date...cast did a great job!
– Cindy Heller, West Jordan

First time at Deseret Star and we loved it! The Hungry Games left us all in smiles and full of laughter!
– Julane Dodge, Pleasant Grove

The Hungry Games was awesome and hilarious with very talented actors/actresses.  Always look forward to going and we are never disappointed.
– Laura Buchanan, Draper

Outstanding performance!  It makes me think that I need to look into being a season ticket owner!
– Jerry Bartos, Draper

Great show- very funny and clever. Overall a great experience- we'll be back!
– Craig Hilton, Moroni

Desert Star created a hit with The Hungry Games.  I laughed til my sides hurt!
– Terry Atkinson, Riverton

It was hilarious!  The best show I've seen in a while.  We came all the way from Colorado to see it!
– JD Ford, Colorado

Great show!  It was funny and clever.  A much better alternative to the boring old movie and dinner date.
– Stephanie Draney< American Fork

Loved it so much I want to bring the rest of my family to see it.
– Tom Morris, Taylorsville

This was so dang funny.....My son and his friends were sitting at the opposite end of the playhouse from me and they said they could totally hear me laughing.  I still can't decide who my favorite character was, cuz they were all so dang funny– Rachel Ombach

I thought this was great!  One of the best we have been to.
– Bonnie Emett, Kaysville

We really enjoyed "The Hungry Games" and will definitely recommend it to friends looking for a fun outing!
– Clair Farrington, Salt Lake City

This one was outstanding!  I have seven season tickets and my children, grandchildren, and great grandchild all fight over who gets to go to each performance.
– Margrett Hall, Salt Lake City

The Show was wonderful and the service was great.  Keep up the good work.
– Larry Laxman, Midvale

We loved the show. It was our favorite one so far.  Great entertainment for the cost– nicole rintamaki, midvale

Absolutely LOVED this show!!
– Edie, Salt Lake City

You left me "Hungry" for more!  We really enjoyed it.
– Doug Woolsey, West Jordan

It was great as usual. Very clever twist on the original. Can't wait for the next one. – julie everett, West Jordan

The show was amazing as always.  You guys always entertain!
– Jeff Bunker, Kearns

The absolute BEST way to celebrate ANYTHING!!   Thank you for a very pleasant way to spend time with my better half.
– John McAuliffe, Taylorsville

Love the show ....the cast was perfect and very very funny.
– jeff burt, West Valley City

This was the best show yet! I never laughed so hard in my life.  I have recommended this to a lot of my friends. 
– ReNee Wright, West Jordan 

We laughed so hard at every scene.  It was a really great show, from the names of the characters to all the jokes, we loved every minute.
– Danny Timmerman, Salt Lake City

It was an awesome show.  It kept us laughing the entire time.  We especially loved the play on words with the food items!
– Erin Turner, Murray

Very funny and great fore the family! This was my first time coming to your theater and I left wondering why I had not come sooner. The cast was great and the servers were very courteous and helpful. I will definitely be back again !!!!!
– Rob Cahoon, Cottonwood Heights

Lots of great one liners.  We continue to be amazed with the actor’s energy level.
– Bill Webster, Murray

Had a great time with my family and friends and we’ll be back!
– Virgil Martinez, West Valley City

Great show, my girls and I had a fun time. Gotta love Desert Star!
– Teresa Donaldson

We always love coming to Desert Star!  Thank you for making us laugh and keeping it clean.
– Liz Nuttall, West Point

I think this show is one of your best! The cast was great and they delivered their funny lines right on cue. Whoever the writer was, did a great job! – Janice Ickes, Holladay

We really enjoyed the show.  Very clever and funny.  Great acting and singing.  Those guys are so talented.  The food was also great.
– Cindy Johnston, Roy

Every actor played their character perfectly! And as always we Just Love the olio! Actually, it was all so fun we can't leave anything or anyone out of our praise for a good time!! – Bruce & Sandy Barnett, West Valley City

By far the most entertaining play I've attended in years... perhaps ever.  Thank you for a wonderful evening of belly laughs and memories with my little girl!
– Melanie Wilkins, Herriman

It was really really funny! I loved the dog choice in it and the audience interaction.(: – Aly Wise, Sandy

This is the third year in a row I have brought my wife for her birthday. We enjoy the atmosphere and the show.
– Barry & Diane Gardner, Lehi

Absolutely loved it.
– Remon Campbell, West Valley City

This was one of your best plays.  The script had fresh jokes and was very good– Brian Gold, West Haven

Going to the play is our favorite thing to do as a family.  Our kids 14 and 12 love it. We have been season ticket holders now for three years.
– Karen Eardley, Holladay

This is my 4th Desert Star show and it wont be my last.  I brought my 13 year old son and even he loved it. We will be back.
– Amy Johns, West Valley City

We love the fun things you do with well-known story lines - adding in delightful music and cleverly-worded puns and local references! WE LOVE DESERT STAR!
– Myrna Boam, Kaysville
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Announcing Our Spectacular 2014 Season

No matter what’s playing It’s Always Fun At Desert Star and our 2014 season will have the whole family crying from laughing so hard.  With truly something for everyone, next season features parodies of popular movies, a broadway classic, and Utah culture.  Here is a sneak peek at the hilarious line-up for 2014. 

Phantom Of The Opera: I’ve Grown Accustomed To Your Face (Jan 9 - Mar 22) This Phantom is all about laugh-out-loud comedy!  The story involves a mysterious masked apparition who haunts the Paris Opera House.  He makes the opera's egotistical diva lose her voice so that his protégé, the beautiful Christine, can sing in her place.  Christine not only impresses the audience, she also rekindles the love of her childhood sweetheart, Raoul.  Enraged with jealousy, The Phantom abducts Christine and carries her away to his secret hideaway. Don’t confuse this with the Broadway musical, this traditional story has some outrageous twists and turns that will keep you laughing.  Mix together love, jealousy, hilarious songs--and laugh-out-loud comedy--and you have the perfect recipe for a PHANTASTIC, PHUN-PHILLED evening!

ProvoCop: I Hope They Call Me On A Mission (Mar 27 - Jun 7) This all new parody is primed to bring down the house with laughter as Desert Star Playhouse heads to Provo for the setting of this hysterical adventure.  You can always be sure that when you come to Desert Star you’ll have tears of laughter streaming down your face from all the  local humor, outrageous characters and hysterical moments. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join us for this hilarious romp and laugh until your sides ache next spring!  

Calamity Jane: Cowgirls Just Wanna Have Fun (Jun 12 - Aug 23) Get ready to laugh because this heroine of the old west is ready to kick up some dust and knock you out of your seat!  The west has never been wilder (or brought more laughs) since Calamity Jane started riding the Pony Express.  This rootin’ tootin’ adventure is full of big laughs, wacky characters and Desert Star style comedy.  Calamity is the only thing standing in the way of the dastardly Diamond Jack Butler and his plot to take control of entire city of Deadwood.  She won’t let snow nor rain nor a pair of dimwitted henchman keep her from her appointed rounds and saving the city of Deadwood. You'll laugh yourself right off your Desert Star stick horse.

Dracula: He He's So Vein (Aug 28 - Nov 8) This tongue in cheek spoof of the famous tale of Dracula, is the perfect parody to bring  the laughs next Halloween for all of it’s lucky victims.  Join the hilariously evil and ghoulish Count Dracula and his looney victim/sidekick Renfield on a voyage to search for that which sustains life.  Hilarity ensues as our red blooded hero attempts to fight the ominous powers of Dracula with tried and true remedies for your every day household vampires like garlic, wolfsbane, stakes, and Desert Star’s own secret remedy.  Full of flying bats and magic mirrors this spooky spoof is sure to have you cackling and leave you wanting more next fall.

How The Grouch Stole Christmas: He's A Mean, Green, Holiday Machine (Nov 13 - Jan 3) Desert Star Playhouse rings in the holiday season with this jolly holiday comedy.  Down on his luck a well known grouch takes on the identity of a famous green cartoon Christmas-hater, and sets off on an adventure to exact his revenge. But on Who?  What?  When?  Where?  Why?  Will three adopted children, an insane Scottish hunter and an abominable snowman be able to stop the terror of the Grouch? Find out when you jump aboard “Santa’s” sleigh full of outrageous parody and hilarious satire as it flies through two acts of hilarious entertainment at Desert Star! 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Feed Your Hunger For Laughter With Desert Star’s New Comedy

Desert Star takes aim at the controversial book series in our new parody: The Hungry Games: You’ve Been Chopped!  But don’t expect the violence and dark themes of the original–this production is played for laughs.  Chock full of hilarious songs, kooky characters, and the laugh-out-loud shenanigans.
After a worldwide famine, the future world is run by greedy fast food corporations.  To save his empire from financial ruin, the evil Donald MacRonald, CEO of the MacRonalds fast food chain, decides to hold a competition with a grand prize of 1 million dollars!  Little do the contestants know that the entire event is rigged.  The evil clown has no intention of awarding the prize.  Teen contestant Katnip Neverclean must join forces with her gothic kid sister Grimrose and ultra-boring friend Pizza Malarkey to beat the odds, stop Donald MacRonald, and win the first ever Hungry Games!
If you thought the subject matter of the best-selling novels and movie was no laughing matter, you’ll be delighted to know that our parody is all about family fun!  "There's a lot to make you laugh," said Artistic Director Scott Holman. “We’re making the most of our melodramatic, slapstick style.  Even if you’ve never read the book or seen the movie, you’ll be laughing until your sides ache,” promises Holman.  “With each show we look for comedy that’s topical that we can fold into the production.  You can expect an abundance of jokes, lines,and hilarious situations that are as current as this morning’s  news.”
Here is the cast for this wacky new comedy.  These actors are currently hard at work to bring big laughs and fun for the whole family.

Pizza Malarky: Jeff Jensen, Jason West

Guielle Rodrigezz: Bryan Dayley, Danny Eggers

Donald MacRonald: Matt Kohler, Matt Omally

Haymitch Hogan: Matt Omally, Jason West

Grimrose Neverclean: Kerstin Davis, Kaitlin Williams, Katie Marshall

Cameo Woman: McKenzie Heaton, Aubrey Vance

Katnip Neverclean: Alexis Owen, Britney Nielson

Wendy MacRonald: Erica Nichole Walters, Kelly Knight Clifton
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Secret Formula For Making A Desert Star Comedy

With Desert Star's next great comedy"The Hungry Games" opening in a few weeks, many people have asked us how we create such funny shows year after year.  So we decided to put together this video to share our secret formula for laughs.

Join Dr. Guggenheim on a crash course of laughter and learn for yourself how to create a Desert Star comedy.

Visit us online and watch and watch for the announcement of our Spectacular 2014 Season! 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Actors Around Town

There are some very talented actors and actresses at Desert Star Playhouse.  You may have recognized many of them around town, on TV, or even heard them on the radio.  Many of our players are using their talents on screen and on the air as well as on stage.  We thought it would be fun to share some clips of what our actors and actresses have been up to.  Let's see if you can recognize them!

Kerstin Davis Stars In New Commercial

In this recent commercial Kerstin tells the story of a young single mom going back to school and learning the art of cosmetology.  Check out the video below. 

Todd Thompson Is Showing Off His Pearly Whites

You may have seen Crest Toothpaste's latest commercials all about teeth whitening.  In this advertising campaign Todd shows that if you're not whitening, you're yellowing.  See several of these comercials below.

Star Spangled Girls

Two of Desert Star’s talented actresses sang their hearts out as they performed the National Anthem for the Ultimate Fight Night event here in Utah.  Carli Christofferson and Ashley Haslem let their talents shine in front of thousands of people at this MMA event.

Todd's Character Tugs At Your Heart Strings

In this beautiful short film Todd plays a nice young man who appears to have it all.  Buying flowers for his girlfriend, Todd's character is super friendly and the envy of everyone around.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fun Fan Feedback For The Lone Stranger

"The Lone Stranger" is another runaway hit for the theater known for making you laugh until your sides ache.  Audiences have been saying great things about this comic adventure so we decided to press record and let you see first hand what people think of "The Lone Stranger."

Come see the comedy everyone is talking about!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Desert Star Players Are Happily Ever Faster

Addam Griffith, Corinne Adair, & Corey Brandenburger at the Ragnar Trail Relay
High in the Wasatch Mountains, 35 miles north of Salt Lake City, in the shadows of Mount Ogden, you’ll find Snowbasin Resort. Many may not know this world class ski resort has miles and miles of the most incredibly beautiful single track trails.  To enjoy these trails a few of Desert Star's own joined tens of thousands of people who flocked to Cache Valley this June to participate in the this years Ragnar Trail Relay.
Addam Griffith
The Ragnar Trail Relay format combines running with friends, camping and access to some of the most beautiful trails and destinations in the country.  Think of it as a 192-mile party with 12 friends.  Teams of 12 rock out to live bands, enjoy the wacky participant costumes, and make life-long friends with teammates and competitors.

This year Desert Star actors Corey Brandenburger, Corrine Adair, and Addam Griffith , were part of a 12 member team that ran the race with a fun twist.  The official team name was “Happily Ever Faster” and each of the runners had a cleaver name that followed this fairytale–racing theme.  Addam was Flynn Runner, Corey was Sprints Charming, and Corrine was Cinderagnar.  A few other names included Runpunzel, Runpelstiltskin, and Starting Belle.
Corinne Adair
Corey Brandenburger is currently playing Marshal Buck Sidesaddle in Desert Star’s newest comedy “The Lone Stranger.”  Addam Griffith is getting ready to start his new job this fall as Choir Director at Alta High School and will hopefully be back on the Desert Star stage soon.  Some of you may have been wondering what actress Corrine Adair has been up to since her last appearance in “Wicked-er.”  Corrine has moved to San Diego with her family and though we will miss her we are excited for her new adventure and wish her the best of luck in San Diego.
Snow Basin
These dedicated runners ran nearly 200 miles from Logan, over three mountain passes, past fields of alpine wildflowers, under the stars and finishes in fabulous Park City.  Congratulations to our fantastic actors!

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Lone Stranger Is A Runaway Hit!

Audiences are loving Desert Star's latest comedy "The Lone Stranger!" Don't take our word for it, read what some of our guests had to sat about the show.

The funniest show I've seen all year!
– Shanlee Jeppsen, Taylorsville

We laughed all the way home to Tooele reviewing the show.  loved the new talent in the show.
– Kristy Lynne Wallace, Tooele

Loved it!  My kids laughed so hard and I had tears streaming down my face. Great show!
– Wendy Danielson, Magna

Oh, DSP! You take my breath away-- literally. I laughed all through the Lone Stranger. Nothing like a rowdy western for summer enjoyment. 
– Pam Saley, Salt Lake City

The show was great fun, as always.  What a talented bunch of people!
– Clair Farrington , Salt Lake City

This was one of your best shows so far.  Very funny.  Great music and great audience participation. Loved it. 
– Kathy Jensen, Farmington

Slapstick comedy is always fun.  Our first time here, but definitely not our last!
– Phil Brueck, Saratoga Springs

It was our 1st time and what a great time and a great show. The service with food was great also.  Thanks.
– Bryce Leavitt, Sandy

The show was entertaining and funny.  Very clever.  Loved the Olio too.
– Joy Johnson, Draper

It was really funny, and we laughed a great deal.  I have yet to see a play that wasn't really good.
_ Janyce Syndergaard, Taylorsville

Absolutely great! ! Have enjoyed every show I've seen.  I love the olio afterwards.
– Rusty Davis, Salt Lake

Absolutely funny.   My wife and I thought it was one of the best plays we have been to at the Desert Star Playhouse.
– Allen Miller, Syracuse

I was very impressed with the creative play-write and also  impressed with the back drops and the use of props.  Keep up the great work!
– Kelly Carver, Plain City

We loved the show.  It was cleverly written  and very funny.  The cast was fabulous.
– Kristine Olsen, Murray

Always look forward to our "Desert Star Night Out" The Lone Stranger was very fun and funny. Thumbs up!!
– LaDean Savage, West Jordan

Excellent audience interaction.  Your cast always appears to be enjoying themselves.  Great theatre.  Every town should have a Desert Star.
– Neil Jorgensen, Sandy, UT

Absolutely Loved the Lone Stranger. It was hilarious.  Was a super fun evening.
– Tiffanie Birch, Taylorsville

We had a great time at "Lone Stranger"!  It kept us laughing all throughout the show.  Loved the Swing olio too.  
– Melissa Andrew, Payson

Loved all of it! Great prices on food and tickets. The improve is my favorite! Don't change a thing.
– kala lund, Salt Lake City

That was probably the best play I have seen at Desert Star for a long time !!!
– Jolie Tanner, Murray

Very funny and well done.  We're looking forward to the next one.
– Pat Powell, Taylorsville

It was one of the funniest we have seen in a while.  Very entertaining.
– Mark Faerber, Kaysville

We've been season pass holders for 2 years and the Lone Stranger was one of the best yet.  Great job!
– Ron Perkins, Kaysville

I loved the show! You guys always put on a hilarious play! I can't wait to see "Hungry Games!"
– Minon Buck, West Jordan

We had a wonderful time. I always love the olio but especially loved this olio
– Kyle Foulon, Tooele

We laughed till our sides were sore and our cheeks were killing us.  We loved the comment about Mitt Romney when the crowd booed 
– Nicole Asay, Ogden

We always enjoy the plays you put on.  The actors were great. We loved the Olio. The sets were really good and your pianist is the best.
– Frederick Austin, Sandy

Way better than Johnny Depp in the Lone Ranger!  We enjoyed the whole play and we were quoting lines from it all weekend long.
– Colleen Ruff, South Jordan

It was one of the funniest shows we have seen anywhere.  There were hilarious moments throughout the show.  Thanks, Mike
– Mike Stewart, Orem

What a Hoot! Laughed right out Loud! Keep up the great work!
– Joree Beauchamp Felker, Las Vegas

Very clever and entertaining.  I loved all the references to well known music.  Your actors are amazing.
– Janet Craven, 

The show was wonderful and the food was good.  We will be back 
Thanks again!
– Barbara Landers, Layton

My family and I all loved this show. It was the best one so far. You guys all do a great job to make people laugh. Keep it up. Thanks!
– DeDaun DeJesus, 

Dinner was good, service excellent, and the show was so great!  I am so glad someone introduced me to Desert Star.  We laughed and chuckled and smiled through the whole show.
– Catharine Newman, Stansbury Park

Always so funny and the actors are phenomenal!  We love their expressions and the singing is amazing and fun!  
– Joni Justice

I had a great time laughing through the performance of the Lone Stranger. The hero was valiant, and the villain was despicable... and hilarious.

The show is a great!
– Stoney Mather, Las Vegas

I absolutely LOVED the show! It's SO refreshing to find hilarity without vulgarity!
– Suzanne Bawden, South Jordan

My husband & I loved it.  One of the best we have seen at the playhouse.  great cast and outstanding scenery....
– Edna Staley, Taylorsville 

Don't miss your chance to see this comic adventure

Monday, July 8, 2013

Auditions At Desert Star Playhouse

Desert Star Playhouse, long known for its hilarious family friendly comedies, is holding auditions for the remaining productions in their 2013 season.  All roles are open.  Adult actors 18 and older are invited. Rehearsals will be held at night Tues, Wed and Thurs from 6-11PM and on Saturday mornings (times may vary).

Audition Date: 
Tuesday, July 16, 2013
Audition Time:  
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 7:00 PM

Audition Protocol:  
Call for Appointment, 801-266-2600  10 AM – 9 PM

Audition Location:  
Desert Star Theatre, 4861 So. State Street, Murray, UT


A minimum 2 minute comic monologue, joke or story that showcases any and all abilities to perform different characters and impersonations., and 16-24 bars of an upbeat song for a vocal audition.  Sheet music required.  Accompanist will be provided.  No minus tracks or a cappella singing.  

Actors Needed: 
Males and females, ages 18 and older.  Must be familiar with comedy and strong singers are preferred; some dance experience is helpful.

Payment: All roles are paid

Run Dates:
The Hungry Games: Show Dates August 29–November 9
(Rehearsals through the month of August)
A Christmas Carol Part 2: Show Dates November 14–January 4
(Rehearsals beginning middle of October)

If you would like more information, contact Mary Parker Williams, Assistant Director by 
email at
Call 801.266.2600

Desert Star Theatres
4861 S. State Street, Murray, UT  84107