Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Desert Star Kids

This holiday season there are some new faces at Desert Star! It's A Wonderful Life, now playing in both Desert Star Theatres, welcomes 20 delightful child actors to the stage.  These talented performers are sharing the roles of George Bailey's children, Taylor and Zuzu.

And these Desert Star Kids aren't just window dressing. They get to act, sing, and dance, and are getting big laughs from the audience.  To prepare them for their roles, the young actors attended a 6-week acting course taught by actress Kelly Knight, who joined the Desert Star family earlier this year.  In the Desert Star Kids program, the kids received coaching on their singing and acting skills.  They also learned how to deliver a punch line, a necessary skill for anyone performing on the Desert Star stage.  According to Kelly, a side benefit of the program has been the self confidence and new friends they've gained along the way.

So, how is it working out?  "The kids are doing a great job," said actor Justin Berry, who plays the part of Uncle Billy. "They've all worked really hard and are having fun. It's great having them in the show."

And the actors on stage aren't the only ones enjoying the kids.  Here's what some of audience members have been saying:

"I loved the kids in the show.  They were a great addition!"  --Candice Frewin, W. Jordan

"Love the kids—they were so cute."  –DeAnna Ashworth

"Fun to see young kids involved in the production."  --Matilda Grey, Murray

"Enjoyed the kids in the show.  Nice change."  --M. Thomas Jr., W. Jordan

"Love the kids."  --Jennifer Boggess, Tooele

"I liked the addition of the kids at Christmas.  They did a good job!"  --Lorelei Petersen, W. Jordan

"The cast was entertaining and the kids did a great job!" --Kameron & Heather Lyman, Pleasant Grove

The Desert Star Kids program will continue next year, and will provide many opportunities for young actors to learn new skills and perform.  In 2012, we will feature a fun series of youth classes, children's theatre productions for young audiences, and maybe even the opportunity to be featured in another Desert Star show. 

Don't miss the Desert Star Kids in It's A Wonderful Life: Winging In The Holidays!

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For more information on the Desert Star Kids acting program, 
call Kelly Knight at 801-857-0037

Friday, November 11, 2011

Desert Star on Good Things Utah

Desert Star Playhouse was invited by ABC4 to appear on "Good Things Utah" this week to publicize our new show, "It's A Wonderful Life," which opens NEXT WEEK (November 17). We asked actor Corinne Adair to share her thoughts on the experience:

When I arrived at the theater at 8:00 am to meet our costumers, I was greeted with warm smiles. I like to refer to Mary Williams and Lynn Funk as my mothers away from home. They did their magic and transformed Jeff Jensen, Kerstin Davis, and me into our characters from “It’s A Wonderful Life.” They calmed our nerves and made us look fabulous, then scooted us out the door. The only thing missing was the sack lunch and kiss on the forehead, though I’m sure they would have provided both if only I’d asked. 

We rehearsed in the car. Thank goodness we had our director, Scott Holman, in the drivers seat--physically and figuratively speaking. It was a short drive to the ABC4 Studios, and a long wait until it was time to film our spot--LIVE on air! (gulp). 
The rest was a whirlwind. Is it over? Did I say the right lines? Was my mic on? Am I wearing deodorant? Was it funny? Do you think anyone saw my knees shaking? How was my hair? I guess I’ll find out when I watch it online. Everyone at the studio was kind and accommodating, especially Roxanne the producer. We enjoyed meeting new people and the fun experience. 
Afterward, we had lunch together. As the four of us sat around the little table, Scott put down his bagel and got a serious look on his face. We all got very quiet and then he said, “If we were a family, this is how it could be every day.” There was a pause then we all burst into laughter. It was funny at the time, but it’s true, Desert Star is like a family.  I’m glad for chances like this, not just to be on TV but also to spend time with the people I love and be a part of the Desert Star family.
Desert Star’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” may be a spoof of the heart-warming movie, but the message remains; it’s all about family. 

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