Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Announcing The Cast Of The Lone Stranger!

Desert Star Playhouse is ready to poke fun at a classic Cowboy and Indian team in “The Lone Stranger: Trigger Happy” opening June 13.  Terrorized by a corrupt magistrate the citizenry of Tumbleweed Junction must turn to the new marshal, Buck Sidesaddle, to fight  injustice and save the day.  This over-the-top musical  comedy offers big laughs for the whole family.  

This Summer, Disney is releasing it’s next blockbuster, “The Lone Ranger”--from the same team that brought you "Pirates of the Caribbean," and starring--you guessed it--Johnny Depp.  If you haven’t seen pictures online of Johnny dressed as Tonto with a bird nesting on his head, you've already missed a good laugh and Desert Star takes this comedy to the next level.

This hilarious adventure, sees the famed masked hero brought to life through new comic eyes.  It tells the tale of how Buck Sidesaddle, with the help of his Native American friend Pronto, transformed into a legend of justice-taking the audience on a runaway train of surprises and over-the-top comedy as these two unlikely heroes must learn to work together and fight against greed and corruption.

This hilarious story is being brought to life by an amazing cast.  Here are the Desert Star Players for "The Lone Stranger: Trigger Happy."

Buck Sidesaddle – Corey  Brandenburger, Jeff Jensen

Finius Thermador – Dan  Larrinaga, Matt Kholer

Flossie – Julie  Blatter, Carli Christofferson

Miss  Ellie Greening – McKenzie  Heaton, Aubrey Vance

Ma  Roper – Kerstin  Davis, Alexis Owen

Spud – Bryan  Dayley, Tyrus J. WIlliams

Pronto – Matt  Mullaney, Rick Miller

Beans – Mary  Parker Williams, Chelsea Hubbard