Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Audience Are Loving Les Miserables!

"Les Miserables: –Or– A Lot Less Miserable" has been a huge hit with Desert Star audiences!  We thought it would be fun to let you read what our patrons have been ssaying about the show.

It was incredible and I really enjoyed the olio.  Side splitting fun
–John Mathews, West Jordan

The cast was (as always) fantastic.  They give it their all and it shows.
–Jennifer Van Duren, Salt Lake City

I brought my daughters for the first time and we were laughing out loud. We are theatre geeks and this spoof was right up our alley! –Kristen Warden, Riverton

You guys do a great job and the food was good too! The show was wonderful as usual.
–Pat Powell, Taylorsville

We enjoyed the show very much and had a great time.
–Deborah Langford, Ogden

Very enjoyable but what isn't at Desert Star?  Amazing to see the work that goes into each performance.  Great laughs and lots of fun. Good adlibbing.  Kudoes to your group.  They are great! –Marion Eldrege, West Valley City

It was hilarious. We went and saw the movie, Les Miserable" and that helped us to better understand the Desert Star show. –Margaret Jacobs, Murray

The show was awesome!! One of the funniest shows we have seen at Desert Star:)
–Amy Eckhardt, South Jordan

It was really a great show!  It was very funny, all characters did very well. I would rate this show as definitely one of your best ones! –Marge A, West Jordan

We saw Les Miserable last night and laughed our guts out.  The food and service was excellent as usual but the show was the best yet. Thanks Desert Star cast and crew!!
–Ron Perkins, Kaysville

This was the funniest and most entertaining show we have ever seen at Desert Star .  Our advice to everyone is to be sure to see it. 
–Cindy and Mike Elsworth, Cottonwood Heights

This was our family's first trip to Desert Star.  We had a great time.  The show was very entertaining and the singing was very good.  The service was also very good. –Linda Winn, South Jordan

It was an awesome performance.  We are considering getting tickets to see it again. We have told everyone this is a most see.–Maurine Gold, Salt Lake City

Awesome show!  Loved when an audience member was brought up on stage! keep up the good work  –David Childress, Sandy

Every play is hilarious!  The acting is superb and the music is amazing too!  What's not to love about Desert Star?  Les Mis was fun!  You guys never disappoint! 
––Jodi Justice, South Jordan

One of the best shows I have seen in a while- it sure is a lot easier to follow than the original musical if you are one who doesn't know what the story is about.

I've been to a lot of Deseret Star shows over the years and this was one of the best I've seen!  I'm coming a second time. –Dallin Lewis, Murray

My wife and I truly enjoyed the show as always. We appreciate youpulling from the audience to get involved with the Olio.  –Matt Boerke, Salt Lake City

Very Funny, enjoyed it! Thanks for the laughs... –Michael Caputo, Salt Lake City

Loved it! Was my second all time favorite behind CSI Provo. –Julie Nielson, Payson

The actors performed at a very high level.  And the Olio was also great.  This is our 2nd season at the Desert Star and it seems that it just keeps getting better. 
–Dave Libman, Woods Cross

"Les Miserable" was very enjoyable.  The story line was very funny and there wasn't too much political humor.  The music was fantastic 5 Stars!!  :)–Julie Shafto, West Valley City

We laughed!  We loved it! We didn't need to see the broadway production to enjoy your version. –Judy Crawford, Riverton

This was the funniest play yet. The context was wonderful and the actors and actresses were amazing. Keep up the GOOD work! –LaRee Jewell, West Jordan

This was my favorite show yet! Great cast, great music, great fun. 
–Jake Smith, West Jordan

I was laughing the entire time! It really made my day. –Liz Johnson, Sandy

The fact that you put lines or complete song parodies from other musicals was truly a work of art!  Keep up the good work and we will see you again. Thanks. –Charles Rayne, Salt Lake City

wonderfully entertaining for all ages. This is my second show at your facility and I plan on coming back. –Ann Evans, South Jordan

Our whole family LOVED this play.  We all laughed and really enjoyed it. 
–Kristi Mildon, West Jordan

I really enjoyed the show.  I thought it was one of the funniest you have done. 
–Kerri Hodgson, Layton

Your play was more fun than I could have ever imagined.  It was a fun filled evening and I laughed a lot from beginning to end. –Laurie Algood, Kearns

VERY good job.  Loved the tie in of "Master of the House" to Desert Star.
 – Claudine Simonsen, Farmington

I really enjoyed this one.  It was fun and engaging. –Annette Egan, West Jordan

This was, by far, the funniest show we have seen at DSP in quite a while. The jokes were on target and so was the timing. –Vicky Larsen

love the fact that you kept my favorite scene, performed to "Tonight" from West Side Story. This is the first time that I brought my kids and they all really enjoyed it. 
–Stacey Pinnock, Herriman

very good in fact exceptional. This is my favorite place to always have fun......THANKS –Karen Ball, Salt Lake City

Wow!  That was absolutely hilarious!  We all laughed ourselves sick!   Your company is the most creative for CLEAN and WHOLESOME entertainment that I have ever found. 
–Sheri Kettle, Salt Lake City

We laughed and laughed at all the puns.  The cast was great and we enjoyed every minute.  Thanks for letting us share a couple of hours away from the world,  
–Joy & Nolan Hanson, Salt Lake City

Great fun! The play flows well and a lot of funny lines.  The oleo was great too!
–Mike Haggen, South Salt Lake

Loved it, one of the best ones I have attended. The cast always entertain us. Keep up the great work.  –Arnold Casey, West Valley City

it was a wonderful performance and the servers were the greatest. keep up the good work – Juliene Wall, Tooele

It was great!  I have two boys and they enjoyed the show!  We bought season tickets to take them.  It's great family entertainment! –Hillary Luke, Stansburry

It was an awesome show.  Very funny with a bit of ad-libbing which we love.  We brought some first-time friends and they loved it too.  Great energy. 
–Steve Bell, Ogden

This show was hilarious! Even when there were moments that were fudged, it was entertaining for the audience rather than a little awkward. Our table was laughing through the entire show. –Amberly Lambertsen, Bountiful

This was one of our favorite shows of the past two seasons.  Great job! 
–Robyn Maughan, West Jordan

Always have fun and enjoy the show. Fantastic cast. –Jon Rowel, Midvale

Loved it. Thanks so much. You guys do  a great job of entertaining. Good food too. 
–Joellah Watson, Riverton

Great play super energetic actors. Wife really enjoyed it. The bonus singing and dancing after the play was the cherry on top. So so much fun. 
–Gabe Jacquez, Bountiful

We were a lot "less miserable" after seeing this funny, well done show! We talked afterwards for days about our favorite characters and bits. The Olios were as always fun and entertaining. Vive le Desert Star Playhouse! –Paul Olsen, Sandy

It was awesome, like all Desert Star productions. We look forward to our next evening with Desert Star! –Herb Jensen, Herriman

We laughed and laughed--such a fun evening! –Alyson Barlow, Taylorsville

The servers were very friendly and the show was great!  It was really fun for a date night. –LIndsey Chalis, Provo

You guys are great. Les Miserables was one of the better shows. It was my wife and my anniversary, thank you for making us smile. –Alex Johnson, Eagle Mountain

Les Miserables was laugh out loud funny! One of the best shows I've seen at Desert Star lately. Defintiely a show worth your time, money and laughter! 
–Anne Shaw, Midvale

The jokes and gags were great and just kept coming.  We love the references to other movies oandmusicals too. –Crystal Naylor, Bountiful

We enjoy all of the shows, but this one was outstanding. We saw the Monday cast and they were superb, as always!  Thanks for a great date night! – Sharolyn knudsen, Murray

Went with a bunch of girls and we all had a blast! We will be back! Thanks!
–Hayden Jensen, Saratoga Springs

The songs have been stuck in our heads ever since! (that one was our favorite.) –John Orgill, Lehi

I really enjoyed myself, laughed a lot.  The cast was excellent and the parts played so well.  So much fun.  Thank you! –Linda Flanders, Salt Lake City

We thought this was one of the best shows you've done, and we've been to several.  From start to intermission seemed like 5 minutes.  The second half went just as fast.  The Malt Shop show was also great. –Pete Shay, Bountiful

I enjoyed the play very, very much.  It was great fun especially all the allusions to other plays, etc.  The actors seemed to be having a great time which, of course, enabled the audience have a good time. –Janis Coe, Bountiful

This was by far my favorite show you've done.  I am bringing my daughter to see it.  –Suzanne West, Cottonwood Heights

I loved the show!!! It was my first time at the Playhouse and it won't be my last. –Lori Platt, Riverton

That was a great time for us.  It was light hearted and funny.  Great lines (we had to stay on our toes to catch the inuendos).   –Corie Seymour, West Jordan

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013

A Revolutionary Comedy Returns To Desert Star!

After the blockbuster movie “Les Miserables” hit the silver screen in December, patrons started asking if we were going to bring back our parody of "Les Miz".  We were at first flattered but when the calls kept coming, we realized we needed to make a last-minute switch in our lineup. We needed to bring back “Les Miserables –Or– A Lot Less Miserable.”

"It's never easy to change shows," said Scott Holman, the director of Les Miz.  “It wasn't really on our schedule." 
Now open, our comedy has all of the familiar characters including: Jean Levi-Jean played by Dan Larrinaga and Justin Berry; Cassette played by Kerstin Davis and Ashley Haslam and Funtime played by Stefani Omer and Julie Heaton.

The silly songs, the kooky characters and all the Desert Star comedy is back with updates and changes inspired by the recent movie.
"There's a lot to make you laugh," Holman said. "It's absurd and you'll see the absurdity.  I really enjoy the story (of ‘Les Miserables’)," he said. "To me it's a happy story that's hopeful in the end."
At Desert Star we’re not  afraid to turn serious subjects into a laughing matter and this parody of the famous Broadway musical  is no exception.
“We take the book, the musical, the movie, and parody them all,” said Jeff Jensen, who plays Marius in the show. “It pokes fun in a positive way at the serious storyline of “Les Miserables.  Sometimes we can take ourselves too seriously so it’s fun to take a serious subject and bring it to a level that lets people laugh and have a good time.”
The original musical is known for its big presence on Broadway with big songs, big voices, and big drama.  “Our production will be equally big.  With big hair, big hats, bigger ornamentation — and elephant tears from laugh-out-loud humor." said Assistant Director Mary Parker Williams.  "We’re just bigger and we’re making the most of our melodramatic, slapstick style.  It’s silly fun and even if you’ve never seen the original Broadway musical or recent movie, you’ll be laughing until your sides ache."
 Desert Star will deconstruct the otherwise heavy storyline by making fun of everything and everyone in it.
“With each show we try to look for something that’s topical and in the public’s awareness that we can fold into the production,” said Williams. “That means ad-libs and jokes about politicians, celebrities and current events have found their way into this show as well.  We find things that make light and fun of everything and everyone.  It’s just really fun."

"Les Miserables –Or– A Lot Less Miserable" is now playing and runs through June 8.  Join the revolution and see  this outrageous parody for the whole family!