Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Special Holiday Change

We originally planned to produce “A Christmas Carol Part2” but strap on your tap shoes, grab the mistletoe and get ready as Desert Star announces a special change for our 2013 holiday production.  This Holiday Season we are bringing you “Miracle on 42nd Street:”  This joyous parody for the whole family bursts into town November 14th,

This laugh-out-loud musical parody is a festive tale filled with wit, charm, and a lot of Christmas spirit.  “Miracle on 42nd Street” is the perfect show to end our 25th Anniversary Season. 

As snow begins to fall on Broadway, legendary producer C.B. D’Mille is working to create a hit show to revive his struggling theatre.  He is hoping that his new show, “Christmas Magic,” will be the masterpiece to get him back on his feet.  He has placed his hopes in his two stars, Joan Rivers and Santa Claws (who has been billed as the “real” Santa).  But rival theatre owner, Hardy Steele, wants to ruin the show and take over the theatre as part of his devious plan to rule all of Broadway.

It’s up to Billy Gailey, the talented but sometimes bumbling director of “Christmas Magic,” and D’Mille’s assistant Sarah to work together, stop Steele and save the show.  But that’s not all that needs saving.  It seems Sarah has long believed that Santa is nothing more than a fictional character and has convinced her young daughter that he doesn’t exist.  So Joan Rivers sets out to prove otherwise and save the day just in time for the holidays!  This hilarious holiday romp is sure to put even the toughest of humbugs in the Christmas spirit.

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