Thursday, June 28, 2012

Audiences Agree "The Addams Family Home Evening!" Is A Hit!

This mash-up of Monsters and Mormons has been a smash hit!  Here's what some our guests are saying about this all new comedy.

This was one our most favorite shows so farVery entertaining, funny, and clever! Lucinda Milne (Murray)
Great fun -- loved the zany plot and characters! Lora Beth Brown (Orem)
We thoroughly enjoyed the performance. While most of your shows are good, this one was a cut above the rest. And the oleo was also great and better than many. – Steven Hunt (SLC)
I enjoyed this show very much! Bob the head was my favorite character and caused me to laugh heartily. Even more, I enjoyed the performance after the show! It was really amazing what they did with the 4 chords on the guitar!!! I am very impressed with the talent that is displayed by your theater group. Thanks again! – Kelly Morris (SLC)
My party and I thoroughly enjoy the show.  The cast worked wonderfully together, the humor was great. We also loved the olio.  Keep up the great work. – Wendy
I thought it was great and very funny. I've been to several shows this year and have enjoyed every one. Thank you for your efforts in putting these shows on.  My family and I enjoy them very much.
 Thanks again – Tracey Whitaker (Lehi)
Loved the show. Grew up watching the Adam's Family on TV. Enjoyed how the play had that Desert Star tweak in the characters. Going to recommend this play to friends.  Loved the olio as much as the play. Everyone did a great job! – Denise Radmall (American Fork)
Loved it!  Very funny.  Great cast. – Leslie Kesten (Sandy)
We have seen a number of your shows over the years. This was one of the best. The actors were great and Wow their voices! It was a win-win evening. Thank you. – Eileen Redington (Murray)
We thought the show was great! We took the in-laws for their first time and they really enjoyed it!  I love the Desert Star. – Lynzee Coombs (West Jordan)
Loved it!  We laughed so hard at Cosmo and Bob! They were so funny. We always look forward to going to Desert Star. We are season ticket holders for over 15 years and it is always worth the wait.  You guys just keep outdoing yourselves. Thanks for all the laughs over the years. – Shonna Clift
My wife and I loved it! It was fun, funny, and the actors were great! We loved everything about it. One new thing we thought was great was in the oleo where the guys used four chords to sing a ton of songs. That was awesome! Thanks for putting on a great show! – Jordan Ackerman (Provo)

We really enjoyed the show. The play was silly but fun. The music program following the play was wonderful. We hated to see it end and are already looking forward to the next one. Our thanks go to all the performers and staff. – Frank Rudy (Murray)
I enjoyed it.  Very funny lines and actions.  Loved the music, but that's always my favorite part.  Great musical talent.  I always love the oleos.  Thanks for another great time. – Marjorie Hansen (Murray)
The show was excellent!  My girlfriend and I laughed hard and were very impressed by the quality. The actors were great, the show was clean and fun, and the peach lemonade was delicious!  Couldn't have asked for more! – Griffin Mansell (SLC)
The play was absolutely wonderful! 
We all had a great time! – Maria Justice (WVC)
We enjoyed the show.  Funny and witty as usual. We have now got most of our adult children coming to your shows as well.  I just wish I could come every weekend to a different play. – Doug & Carol Woolsey (West Jordan)
The performance was great.  My two sisters, a friend, and myself all enjoyed the show.  It was funny, well written, and all around a good time. We really enjoyed the skits and songs that the actors do after the play.  – Bradley Hintze (WVC)
Your staff is very professional and they saw that our event went smoothly (we had 50 folks). Your staff never acted put out when you asked questions. Our group sure enjoyed the play!  Personally, I want to come back with my spouse.  I have already referred Desert Star to many!  Thanks! – Twila Calder (SLC)
My daughter and I had a great experience from start to finish. The piano player is fun! Our server was sweet. The actor's are amazing! They had us laughing a lot! We thought it was great how they interacted with us. Then to top it off they entertained us with a well put together musical piece at the end. We will be going back to the Desert Star! – Joanna Gafa (Midvale)
We have had season tickets for a few years and this was one of our favorites. – Julie Haltinner (Farmington)
We really enjoyed the play and entertainment.  We had two of our grandaughters with us.  It was a first time for both of them.  They put away four tubs of popcorn. – Vearl Jensen (Midvale)
Found it great entertainment   Love Desert Star. One of my favorites. Thanks Deseret Star Players! – Johney Katich (Layton)
It was a fun show,  one of the funniest I have seen lately.  We loved the Olio, especially the guys and the guitar.  It was hilarious.  We always really enjoy the Desert Star! – Janet B. (Payson)
I loved this show.  You had me laughing from start to  finish.  Thanks for the good time. – Judy Fowler (Tooele)

See the show everyone is talking about!

Absolutely loved it! Great jokes, fantastic cast, talented voices. One of the better plays! It was very professional!  --Karrie Wardell (S. Jordan)


Best show in years, on par with Big Fat Utah Wedding, CSI Provo and Slurpee Doo. The Olio was terrific as well, especially the amazing 4 note number.  --Melissa Brian (SLC)

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the show.  We greatly appreciate the clean, family-oriented environment.  We will definitely return to see another show!  --Brad Davis (Taylorsville)
We enjoyed the show and especially enjoyed the Olio! We always walk out of there with a smile on our faces. Your staff is the bomb!  --Merlin & Debbie Thomas (West Valley City)  
The best show of the year so far. Keeps you laughing throughout. Will be back to see again for sure.  -- Melvin Ballard (Riverton)
We thought it was one of your best.  Even my husband laughed out loud (and thats a rare occurence)!  We also enjoyed seeing new faces...some great singing voices!  Thanks for keeping us entertained for 17+ years!  --Jerald and Sherrie Boseman 
We completely enjoyed this show. The story line was fun, the humor was hilarious, and we were entertained from start to finish.  We also really enjoyed the oleo afterwards, especially the guys guitar number!  This will be a hard one to top...but we hope you try!-- Ronna Hunter (Farmington)
I am a season ticket holder and this one was great!  It was so funny and the actors are A+.  Cannot wait to see the next one!  -- Elizabeth Kelson (Sandy)
Excellent show! One of the best this year. I'm so glad we've made the decision to be season ticket holders for several years. Best money we could have spent. Keep up the good work cast and crew! You're doing a fantastic job keeping us all entertained.  -- Jason Stanley (West Valley City)
Awesomely Non-stop Entertaining. Thank you for the smiles and laughs.  --Tiffany and Jack McGilvery (Midvale)
We loved the show. It was filled with great jokes and took shots at all of us.  We enjoy the humor and love feeling uplifted and happy when we leave. The acting was great and we even love it when someone forgets a line or goofs up.  Keep up the wonderful performances - we will be back too!! -- John & Mary Gardner (Sandy)
LOVED IT!!!!!  Was a little skeptical about the new actors, but they were FANTASTIC!!!  We loved the show.  We also really enjoyed the Summer Olio, especially the 4 chord guitar medley, that was brilliant!  Thanks for always entertaining us. -- Wendy Stapel (West Jordan)

This was one of our all time favorites.  All the gags were fresh as well as the story line.  Also thought the OLEO was one of the best.  Thanks for an entertaining evening.  "

-- Jill Anderson (Holladay)
I really enjoyed this show. And I REALLY liked the Olio. It was one of the best. I have 10 season tickets that I gave to my married kids for Christmas. We love making these shows a family affair, and my kids tell me this is one of the best Christmas gifts ever.-- Bruce Newbold (Sandy)
My husband and I brought our daughter to the play for her birthday.  We all had a ball.  It was absolutely the best.  We laughed so hard.  We have recommended the theater to several friends & family members. THANKS!  -- Julie Wood (Heber)
This show was entertaining from beginging to end. The cast was hilarious and the kept things moving right along like they always do. We also enjoyed a pizza Milano while we are there, it is our favorite. Great entertainment, service, and food all wrapped into one -- Kim Overdiek (West Valley City)

 We thought it was a lot of fun.  Our grandkids loved it, too.  -- Diane Carling (SLC)

The play seemed to move much quicker than other ones I have seen at DST. I simply loved it. Best olio to date! (especially the guys during the guitar chords song) LOVED IT

-- Celeste Randall (South Jordan)
We thought The Addams Family Home Evening was great, one of the funniest shows Desert Star has done in a long time. -- Greg Shoop (Sandy)
Very funny!!  Loved everything about it.  -- Jennifer Nielson (West Jordan)
We had a great time! Everything was excellent from the show to our server. Our party all had a wonderful time. Thank you.  -- Tim Fountain (West Jordan)

Loved the play. Funny as usual. Great, fun, clean entertainment!!! We've been season ticket holders for over 15 years!! We look forward to every play of the season!  Absolutely loved the Olio! That "four chord" skit was the best!!  I'd pay to just see/hear that again!! Hilarious! I usually leave the theater in tears...from laughing so hard!!!  -- Dianne Faurschou (Taylorsville)

We absolutely loved the Addams Family Home Evening.  It was very funny as always and we enjoyed a night out together laughing.  THANKS DESERT STAR THEATER!!!  -- Lisa and Jeffrey Jensen

This was a very well-done and funny show.  It had several unexpected twists that left me almost rolling on the floor.  -- Larry Eggett (Riverton)

The show was great!  We enjoyed a nice evening out in a relaxed environment.  The entertainers were first class, the wait staff was friendly, and we felt like part of the family when we left.  I would definitely come again and recommend your business and the Adam's Family Home Evening" show to my friends.  -- Kenneth Woods (SLC)  

Friday, June 22, 2012

Laugh Lines From The Addams Family Home Evening

You'll hear many more hilarious laugh lines in
The Addams Family Home Evening

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

“The Addams Family Home Evening" Opens Thursday

 It’s silly and it’s spooky, hilarious and kooky!  “The Addams Family Home Evening” opens THIS WEEK June 14 at Desert Star Playhouse.  This mash-up of Monsters and Mormons will have the whole family rolling in the aisles as they see this kooky family attempt the Utah ritual of Family Home Evening.
The Addams Family is not your typical American household.  Living happily in the haunted mansion they call home, Groucho and Cruella Addams, as well as the rest of their kooky family, are perfectly content with their unorthodox lifestyle.  That is until Horace Measley III, a slimy business tycoon, discovers oil on their property.  Now Measley wants to take away their home so he can drill for oil.  To further complicate matters, Measley’s son, Horace Measley IV, falls in love with the Addams’ spooky daughter, Dementia.  But Horace’s old girlfriend is not giving up without a fight.  She joins forces with Mr. Measley to get rid of the Addams Family once and for all.  

Here are the talented actors that will be bringing this hilarious story to life:

Groucho Addams – Anthony Buck, Bryan M Hague 

Cruella Addams  – Julie Heaton, Heather Ferguson 

Dementia Addams – Alison Fidel, Jackie Jensen 

Mr. Measley  – Matthew Mullaney, Todd Thompson 

Horace Measley  – Corey Brandenburger, Adam Griffiths 

Heather Kingsley – Ashley LaRue Grant, Mandi Jensen 

Uncle Cosmo – David K Martin, Jeff Jensen 

Cousin Bob et al – Bryan Dayley, Eric Jensen 

Be among the first to see this all new hilarious comedy!