Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jon Schmidt In Concert at Desert Star Dinner Theatre

Desert Star Dinner Concert Series is proud to present pianist Jon Schmidt in Concert February 10, 11, & 14! Jon has played to sold out audiences around the globe and is returning to Desert Star for a series of sensational dinner concerts.  On Valentines Day (Feb 14) enjoy a special Prime Rib Dinner.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Audiences Agree CSI: Provo Is A Hit

CSI: Provo is bringing big laughs and the response from our audience has been unprecedented!  Here's what they are saying about the show!

"One of your best shows ever.  Ad libs were great! " --Bill Worsley, S. Jordan
"We always have a fabulous time here.  We look forward to every show.  They are so entertaining.  I can see us coming for a very long time.  Thank you so much for making us laugh and let go, and have a wonderful date night." –Amy Marcelis & Joy Erickson, West Jordan
"This was the funniest show is all the years we’ve been coming.  The actors are so great at ad libbing & making it hilarious.  Keep up the great shows."  –Gail Young, Taylorsville
"Wow!!  It was great.  Songs were super.  Cast also.  Loved the show!  Everyone was perfect!  Funniest show yet!  Great job."  --Barbara Holtby, Riverton
"We loved the show.  We’re going on our 4th year as season ticket holders and it just keeps getting better.  The service was excellent!!  We love it!"  --Jody Monosso, Tooele
"This was one of the best shows you’ve done!  We loved it."  –Phil & Linda Richins, Murray
"The ad libs were great.  We laughed all the way thru."  –Judy LeVitre, S. Jordan
"It was great!!!  We laughed a lot.  Great LDS references and jokes.  Great BYU & U of U references.  Loved the “go with the gaff” on stage.  Clean, fun, good character development and pulling from Hollywood as well as real life.  Thanks." –The Lewises
"We enjoyed the drama, the plot, the talent, and the chuckles!!!  Thanks for a really fun night.  Desert Star has talent!!!  Don’t miss it.  Very affordable.  And your servers are super too. " –Susan Harris
"The show was amazing!  The actors were hilarious!  My favorite parts were when the actors put their own personality into the characters by improvising!  Keep up the good work! "
 --Gabriel Tomala, Taylorville
"Service was awesome.  Server did a great job.  The show was clever & fun.  The actors did a great job; fun ad libs, great jokes.  Cast worked well together.  Really fun. " –Jim & Marsha Losee
"We loved the show.  Ben did an outstanding job writing the show.  It is one of the best!!  How are you guys going to be able top this one???  This one and the Pirate show are my favorite shows.  Thank you."  --Dave & Melinda Olsen, Ogden
"Awesome show.  It was great & a lot of fun.  Whitney [our server] was wonderful.  She did a great job.  The show, the service, the fun—that’s why we keep coming back! " --Frank Lucero
"The show is really funny!  Had an awesome time!  I’d totally come again!"  --Tanner Foote, West Valley
"This is one of the funniest shows we’ve seen here.  It was great! " --Larry Eggett, Riverton
"Flubs & comebacks were great!  Fast thinkers, good jokes.  Live theater rocks!  You never know what will happen.  We all enjoyed the show, subject matter and actors.  We’ll be back, like the Terminator."  –Marica Srogus, Taylorsville
"Server did a fabulous job for us.  Our food was fast and hot.  She was very considerate.  Also, the show was terrific!!  Great night."  –Chelsea Walton, Woods Cross
"It was great!  It Relief Society President was fantastic & the whole cast played well off each other."  –Kirk & Janice Nielson, SLC
"We really enjoyed it!  It was one of the funniest.  Thanks."  –Becky Christensen, W. Jordan
"The improv was the best part!  Go Richie T!  This was the best show in a long time.  Very enjoyable!  We will be sure to come back."  –Emily Goodrich, Riverton
"Yes, we did have a real good time and we are coming back again.  Thank you very much.'
 –Esther Grange, Grantsville
"Very well done.  Thanks, Ben!  Couldn’t stop laughing.  Richey T. stole the show.  We always enjoy his part in the show!  Can’t wait for the next one."  --Joe and Becky Christensen
"Definitely one of the best.  I’m assuming there was a ton of ad libbing, which was sooo funny!"  --Linda Thornock, Ogden
"The show was awesome.  Very funny.  Great service."  –Melinda & Brian, WVC
"Love the good natured ad libs that go on.  Part of the reason we come to this is because of the unknown."  –Marilyn Ussery, Kearns
"Very funny.  We enjoyed it.  Keep up the great job."  –Shauna Dawson
"Everything was great.  Thanks.  It was a great time." –Terry Atkinson, Riverton
"Loved it!"  --Beulah & Richard, Layton
"Very funny."  –Amy Burns, SLC
"Fantastic funny show!  My 3 teenage daughters and I laughed non-stop.  P.S. Our server was great too."  –Jen Hebertson, Herriman
"Great show!  Great service!  Fun time thanks!"  --Traus, Salem
"Great show!  Super server!  The actors were all terrific!  It was a really great show."  –Suzie Olsen, W. Jordan
"Great show!  So funny & one of the better ones.  Loved it & I know the crowd did too.  Loved Darlene Small.  Actually all the characters were fabulous."  –Carol Bartz
"It was hilarious and I am excited to come back again.  I also loved the mother with the baby.  It makes me want to be in a play here."  –Hannah Nielson, Fruit Heights
"It was great as usual!  Thanks for the laughs and fun." –Joyce Young, Holladay
"Another riot!  We are continually amazed at what your writers come up with and how talented the performers are.  Jill is an absolute force of nature at the piano.  Keep it up. "  –Name Withheld
"Yes we had a good time.  We like Richie T.  Always enjoy the plays.  Great laughs and a great night out."
--Jeremey & Natalie Powell, Salt Lake City
"The music parodies were great.  I especially liked the “Happy Jack” parody.  Glad to see your increased menu!  Next time we’ll come hungry!" --Paul Shepherd, W. Jordan
"The show was great.  The food was good and filling.  The service was excellent.  Had a lot of fun.  See you for the next show, The Princess Bridesmaid." –Tom & Barbara Fullmer
"We always have a great time!  The shows are always great & the actors are very entertaining.   Keep up the great work!!"  --Jolene, West Valley
"Great show!"  --Hani Makar, Riverton
"It was a great show.  Really enjoyed it."  –Joyce Watson (Bountiful) & Diana Watson (Magna)
"We loved this show!! I’m so glad I came!  It’s our 14th show and one of the most fun!"    --Kristi Stoddard, W. Jordan
"It was great."  –Cody Eckhardt, S. Jordan
"Enjoyed the show very much.  Tonight’s show especially has been one of the better ones in the last few (all are good, of course).  Thanks to all the actors who make the show happen, but we miss Scott Holman."  –Cally Johnson, Sandy
"Our group had a good time!  Great job!"  --Debbie Sorensen, Kearns
"You guys are hilarious!  We love all your shows."  –the Primary Presidency, Hooper
"We really enjoyed it.  Very funny!  We always have a great time at Desert Star."  --Greg & Susan Stone, S. Jordan
"Especially liked Corrine Adair.  She was great.  Enjoyed the whole show.  This was the best show in a long time.  Really great.  Lots of laughs." –Bob & Mary Walter, WVC
"Fun show, as always.  Will be back again."  –Jennifer Mallory, Salt Lake City
" very much enjoyed this show.  The jokes were clean and in good taste.  My daughter & I had a great time.  The twist at the end of the play in the last scene was unexpected.  The spanking scene I the last act with the “Robo Suit” was classic!!  The Kurt Bestor et al was very good.  It was great to see Richie Steadman at Desert Star again.  His characters are very funny.  See you at the new show.  Excellent olio!!!"  --Eric Thomson, S. Jordan

"This was one of you best shows.  Keep up the good work.  We love you.  Best singing voices ever."  –The Bennetts
"People were very amazing.  Food was good.  And the play was very funny and great." 
 – Nathan Jaterka & Amy Lahman, West Valley
"We always enjoy coming to shows here.  Actors are always fantastic, servers are great, and the good is good."  –Cheryl Gren, Bountiful
"Third show!  Great girls night out.  Have had such a great time each show.  Suggestion: I Love Lucy show. " –Mandy Westwood, Cedar Hills.
"After a long day’s work, nothing lifts your spirits, lightens your heart, and puts a smile on your face like an original Desert Star comedy!  You keep the laughs coming."  --Nick Iverson, Murray
"I loved this.  It was so funny.  All of us laughed so much.  One of your best!"  --Sharon Coray
"First time at Desert Star.  Ryan [the server] was awesome and so was the show.  We’ll be back again!"  --Linda Bye, Orem.
"We always bring our parents when they come into town.  Love the show.  The Relief Society chick is hysterical.  The whole cast did a fabulous job.  Thank you!" --Will Theel, Ogden
"It was really funny.  One of the best we’ve seen!  We’re glad our daughter Jessi Haggen gave us season tickets for Christmas.  You have been a great employer.  P.S. Olio—so fun!"  --Mike & Gwen Haggen
"It was great!  We loved all of it!  The food was amazing and the show was hilarious.  Thank you so much!" --Tara H, Sandy
"Best show in the Salt Lake & Utah counties!  Lots of fun!" --Jeff Burns, SLC
"One of the best shows ever!"  --David & Deborah Fleming, Sandy
"Great show—especially enjoyed this one!  One of the best in a long time." –Joan Dulsa
"So much fun!!  Loved it!! " --Rick Couton, Sandy
"Great job!  Loved it. "   --McReynolds, W Jordan
"We always have a good time!  Can’t wait for Wicked-er!!!"  --Jeanette McReynolds
"Very funny.  We really enjoyed it.  Great cast!"  --Joyce Jones, Murray
"Very enjoyable!"  --Trenaisa Nay, S. Jordan
"Show was great!  Server was very nice & kept checking in.  That was nice.  Thanks!"  --Becky Chisholm, Oakley
"Had a great time!  Food was great!  Show was fantastic!!" --Chris Cleets, Bluffdale
"Great fun!"  --Tami Griffith, Centerville
"Yes!!  It was witty and creative.  Loved the facial expressions. " –Kim Wilson, W Jordan
"Super Show!  Great service.  Thanks!" –  Alex Cafapelli, Provo
"Love every show and always great service." –Ruth & Jacob Fuller, Murray
"So much fun!"  --Ashley Nalwalker, Taylorsville
"Great show.  Loved it.  Lots of fun.  Thanks. " –Angie Rizzuto, Bountiful
"Great time and we’ll be back!" --Aaron Leonard, Midvale
"Love this place.  We have a ball every time we come here.  Thanks."  –Steve Jackman, Herriman
"A+++++  Great show!  Go BYU." – Samera Hirsche, Orem
"It was very funny!  The Relief Society lady was a hoot!" --Clint Savage, WVC
"We had a really good time.  The show was very funny."  –Bridget Childs, West Valley City
"The show was good.  We enjoyed it very much.  The oleo was very good!"  --Michael Carpenter, Sandy
"The cast is very talented.  We enjoy the satire." –Carole Christensen, W. Jordan
"That was hilarious!  We love this place!"  --Carlie Hughes, West Valley

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kicking Off 2012 With Hilarious CSI Parody

Corinne Adair, Nick Whitaker, Matt Kohler

We are kicking off our 2012 season with a hilarious take on the world of Crime Scene Investigation.  “CSI: Provo -  Decaffeinated DNA” combines forensic science with Utah culture in this musical parody of the hit TV series.

 Gil Grimace is an absent-minded science professor at UVU who moonlights for the Provo Police Department as a Crime Scene Investigator, though there's not much crime to investigate in Utah County.  Finally, Grimace gets his first big case: the murder of controversial filmmaker Murphy Moore.  There is only one problem, it’s Grimace’s wedding day and his bride-to-be won't forgive him for standing her up at the altar a third time!  To make matters worse, his rival, BYU English professor Shelby Snoot, is waiting in the wings to steal his bride.  Comedy ensues as Grimace tries to solve the crime, outsmart Snoot, and still make it to the altar in time.  You won’t want to miss this hilarious family-friendly comedy.
Written by Ben E. Millet and directed by Scott Holman, “CSI: Provo - Decaffeinated DNA” runs January 12 thru March 24, 2012.  The evening also includes one of Desert Star’s signature musical olios following the show.  The “Somebody To Love” Olio features a tribute to American love songs, along with more Desert Star-style comedy.

Here are the talented actors that will be bringing this outrageous parody to life.

Gil Grimace: Jeff Jensen and Nick Whitaker

Lavell Edwards: Liz Christiansen and Kelly Knight

Shelby Snoot: Bryan Haygue and Dave Martin

Det Horatio Caruso: Justin Berry and Matt Kohler

Darlene Small: Kerstin Davis, Corinne Adair

Coach LaVell Edwards: Matt Mullaney

Patti Edwards:  Lisa Grow and Jennifer Tanner

Kurt Bestor:  Ricihie T Steadman and Eric Jensen 

You won't want to miss this hilarious comedy!
Click Here to get your tickets today!