Friday, August 12, 2011

Making the Magic Happen

Hunk-cules: I’m Too Sexy For My Toga opens this weekend at Desert Star Playhouse, and our technical crew has been hard at work!  In a matter of days, these wizards of set design have performed a miraculous feat.  They’ve transformed the Desert Star stage from Utah’s west desert in the 1950s (which was the setting for the last show) to ancient Greece in 600 BC. The tech crew works tirelessly into the wee hours of the morning to get it all done on time. It’s incredible to think they perform this magic every time a new show opens.

Let’s take a look behind-the-scenes, where they’re building sets, hanging lights, painting props, sewing, creating ferocious monsters, and moving enormous set pieces that only Hercules himself should be lifting!

Set designers hard at work.

 Bobby Robertson painting a fountain

Ty Williams using foam rubber to create the terrible Chimera

A scary detail on the fountain.

 That's one way to get your name in lights.

 Sean "Fritz" Fitzgerald is giving the Chimera abs.  

Kaitlin Williams hanging a drop.  Those palace columns probably can't hold much weight but they sure look good! 

 You can't do lighting at Desert Star and be afraid of heights! 

 I thought we were doing Grease, not Greece!

The completed fountain fit for Zeus himself!   Cold running water included.

Ty Williams with the completed Chimera.  Three heads to be provided by actors.

For tickets to Hunk-cules, I’m Too Sexy For My Toga, click here.

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