Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Actor Diaries

10/10/11- Mastering the choreography just in time for opening!
 By Kelly Knight

A zombie themed olio?  AWESOME!  I am an extreme lover of the zombie genre, so I was beyond pumped to begin rehearsing this grand extravaganza.  But when I caught sight of what our choreographer wanted us to do, I nearly had a heart attack: swing dancing.  And I don’t mean gentle, easy partner dancing--we’re talking back flips, aerials, and jumps.  Despite my initial fear, I had to admit it was a really amusing concept to see zombies at a 40’s style swing dance, taking turns to insert their personal stunts into the much loved song “Zoot Suit Riot.”   I was in for some fun.

After several failed attempts and a mild panic attack, I had mastered the “candle stick” move and was getting close to nailing the “around the world.”  But somehow I couldn’t lose the mental image of my head slamming into the floor as I was swung upside down around my partner’s side.  Lucky for me, the move was cut due to costume issues. After a few days of practice, my inner zombie was beginning to get her swing on.

There was one week of rehearsal left, and the thought of learning all of the olio choreography was overwhelming.  With the added challenge of maintaining a zombie character while in the midst of singing and dancing: difficult, but FUN!  When the curtain opened to a live audience for the first time, the familiar and unmatched feeling of performance adrenaline kicked in and pushed all of my dancing nerves aside.  We nailed it.

Legally Brunette is now playing at Desert Star Playhouse with our Zombie Jamboree Olio!
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