Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kicking Off 2012 With Hilarious CSI Parody

Corinne Adair, Nick Whitaker, Matt Kohler

We are kicking off our 2012 season with a hilarious take on the world of Crime Scene Investigation.  “CSI: Provo -  Decaffeinated DNA” combines forensic science with Utah culture in this musical parody of the hit TV series.

 Gil Grimace is an absent-minded science professor at UVU who moonlights for the Provo Police Department as a Crime Scene Investigator, though there's not much crime to investigate in Utah County.  Finally, Grimace gets his first big case: the murder of controversial filmmaker Murphy Moore.  There is only one problem, it’s Grimace’s wedding day and his bride-to-be won't forgive him for standing her up at the altar a third time!  To make matters worse, his rival, BYU English professor Shelby Snoot, is waiting in the wings to steal his bride.  Comedy ensues as Grimace tries to solve the crime, outsmart Snoot, and still make it to the altar in time.  You won’t want to miss this hilarious family-friendly comedy.
Written by Ben E. Millet and directed by Scott Holman, “CSI: Provo - Decaffeinated DNA” runs January 12 thru March 24, 2012.  The evening also includes one of Desert Star’s signature musical olios following the show.  The “Somebody To Love” Olio features a tribute to American love songs, along with more Desert Star-style comedy.

Here are the talented actors that will be bringing this outrageous parody to life.

Gil Grimace: Jeff Jensen and Nick Whitaker

Lavell Edwards: Liz Christiansen and Kelly Knight

Shelby Snoot: Bryan Haygue and Dave Martin

Det Horatio Caruso: Justin Berry and Matt Kohler

Darlene Small: Kerstin Davis, Corinne Adair

Coach LaVell Edwards: Matt Mullaney

Patti Edwards:  Lisa Grow and Jennifer Tanner

Kurt Bestor:  Ricihie T Steadman and Eric Jensen 

You won't want to miss this hilarious comedy!
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