Tuesday, June 12, 2012

“The Addams Family Home Evening" Opens Thursday

 It’s silly and it’s spooky, hilarious and kooky!  “The Addams Family Home Evening” opens THIS WEEK June 14 at Desert Star Playhouse.  This mash-up of Monsters and Mormons will have the whole family rolling in the aisles as they see this kooky family attempt the Utah ritual of Family Home Evening.
The Addams Family is not your typical American household.  Living happily in the haunted mansion they call home, Groucho and Cruella Addams, as well as the rest of their kooky family, are perfectly content with their unorthodox lifestyle.  That is until Horace Measley III, a slimy business tycoon, discovers oil on their property.  Now Measley wants to take away their home so he can drill for oil.  To further complicate matters, Measley’s son, Horace Measley IV, falls in love with the Addams’ spooky daughter, Dementia.  But Horace’s old girlfriend is not giving up without a fight.  She joins forces with Mr. Measley to get rid of the Addams Family once and for all.  

Here are the talented actors that will be bringing this hilarious story to life:

Groucho Addams – Anthony Buck, Bryan M Hague 

Cruella Addams  – Julie Heaton, Heather Ferguson 

Dementia Addams – Alison Fidel, Jackie Jensen 

Mr. Measley  – Matthew Mullaney, Todd Thompson 

Horace Measley  – Corey Brandenburger, Adam Griffiths 

Heather Kingsley – Ashley LaRue Grant, Mandi Jensen 

Uncle Cosmo – David K Martin, Jeff Jensen 

Cousin Bob et al – Bryan Dayley, Eric Jensen 

Be among the first to see this all new hilarious comedy!

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