Monday, April 1, 2013

A Revolutionary Comedy Returns To Desert Star!

After the blockbuster movie “Les Miserables” hit the silver screen in December, patrons started asking if we were going to bring back our parody of "Les Miz".  We were at first flattered but when the calls kept coming, we realized we needed to make a last-minute switch in our lineup. We needed to bring back “Les Miserables –Or– A Lot Less Miserable.”

"It's never easy to change shows," said Scott Holman, the director of Les Miz.  “It wasn't really on our schedule." 
Now open, our comedy has all of the familiar characters including: Jean Levi-Jean played by Dan Larrinaga and Justin Berry; Cassette played by Kerstin Davis and Ashley Haslam and Funtime played by Stefani Omer and Julie Heaton.

The silly songs, the kooky characters and all the Desert Star comedy is back with updates and changes inspired by the recent movie.
"There's a lot to make you laugh," Holman said. "It's absurd and you'll see the absurdity.  I really enjoy the story (of ‘Les Miserables’)," he said. "To me it's a happy story that's hopeful in the end."
At Desert Star we’re not  afraid to turn serious subjects into a laughing matter and this parody of the famous Broadway musical  is no exception.
“We take the book, the musical, the movie, and parody them all,” said Jeff Jensen, who plays Marius in the show. “It pokes fun in a positive way at the serious storyline of “Les Miserables.  Sometimes we can take ourselves too seriously so it’s fun to take a serious subject and bring it to a level that lets people laugh and have a good time.”
The original musical is known for its big presence on Broadway with big songs, big voices, and big drama.  “Our production will be equally big.  With big hair, big hats, bigger ornamentation — and elephant tears from laugh-out-loud humor." said Assistant Director Mary Parker Williams.  "We’re just bigger and we’re making the most of our melodramatic, slapstick style.  It’s silly fun and even if you’ve never seen the original Broadway musical or recent movie, you’ll be laughing until your sides ache."
 Desert Star will deconstruct the otherwise heavy storyline by making fun of everything and everyone in it.
“With each show we try to look for something that’s topical and in the public’s awareness that we can fold into the production,” said Williams. “That means ad-libs and jokes about politicians, celebrities and current events have found their way into this show as well.  We find things that make light and fun of everything and everyone.  It’s just really fun."

"Les Miserables –Or– A Lot Less Miserable" is now playing and runs through June 8.  Join the revolution and see  this outrageous parody for the whole family!

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