Monday, June 17, 2013

The Lone Stranger Now Playing!

The citizens of Tumbleweed Junction are being bullied by a corrupt mayor and must turn to a mysterious masked man and his Cheyenne sidekick to fight injustice and save the day.  Desert Star’s newest comedy, "The Lone Stranger: Trigger Happy", sees the Man with the Silver Bullets through new comic eyes.  Executive producer Mike Todd says the show will be fresh every day with new jokes and asides inspired by the news of the day.  “If it’s in the news this morning, it’ll be on our stage tonight,” said Todd. 

This show tells the tale of how Buck Sidesaddle, with the help of his Native American friend, Pronto, is transformed into a hero of the Old West.  
This Summer, Disney is releasing it’s next blockbuster, “The Lone Ranger”--from the same team that brought you "Pirates of the Caribbean," and starring--you guessed it--Johnny Depp.  If you haven’t seen pictures online of Johnny dressed as Tonto with a bird nesting on his head, you've already missed a good laugh and Desert Star takes this comedy to the next level.  With the upcoming movie in mind, Director Scott Holman says the timing of Desert Star's show is no coincidence.
"Our motif at Desert Star is western, so this show is a natural," Holman said. "The Lone Stranger” will have updated material inspired by the movie and is changed up so even those who've seen the show before will find it new.  Lots of time, people say we copy the movies. This time, we think Hollywood copied us," he adds.

The audience is taken on a runaway train of surprises and over-the-top comedy as the two unlikely allies must learn to work together and fight against the greed and corruption  of the villain Finius Thermador and his witless friends.
"Between them, these henchmen have just enough brains to almost make one brain," Holman said.  “I think this is going to be a great family show for the summer."
Join the adventure this summer and see this great comedy!

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