Thursday, August 15, 2013

Feed Your Hunger For Laughter With Desert Star’s New Comedy

Desert Star takes aim at the controversial book series in our new parody: The Hungry Games: You’ve Been Chopped!  But don’t expect the violence and dark themes of the original–this production is played for laughs.  Chock full of hilarious songs, kooky characters, and the laugh-out-loud shenanigans.
After a worldwide famine, the future world is run by greedy fast food corporations.  To save his empire from financial ruin, the evil Donald MacRonald, CEO of the MacRonalds fast food chain, decides to hold a competition with a grand prize of 1 million dollars!  Little do the contestants know that the entire event is rigged.  The evil clown has no intention of awarding the prize.  Teen contestant Katnip Neverclean must join forces with her gothic kid sister Grimrose and ultra-boring friend Pizza Malarkey to beat the odds, stop Donald MacRonald, and win the first ever Hungry Games!
If you thought the subject matter of the best-selling novels and movie was no laughing matter, you’ll be delighted to know that our parody is all about family fun!  "There's a lot to make you laugh," said Artistic Director Scott Holman. “We’re making the most of our melodramatic, slapstick style.  Even if you’ve never read the book or seen the movie, you’ll be laughing until your sides ache,” promises Holman.  “With each show we look for comedy that’s topical that we can fold into the production.  You can expect an abundance of jokes, lines,and hilarious situations that are as current as this morning’s  news.”
Here is the cast for this wacky new comedy.  These actors are currently hard at work to bring big laughs and fun for the whole family.

Pizza Malarky: Jeff Jensen, Jason West

Guielle Rodrigezz: Bryan Dayley, Danny Eggers

Donald MacRonald: Matt Kohler, Matt Omally

Haymitch Hogan: Matt Omally, Jason West

Grimrose Neverclean: Kerstin Davis, Kaitlin Williams, Katie Marshall

Cameo Woman: McKenzie Heaton, Aubrey Vance

Katnip Neverclean: Alexis Owen, Britney Nielson

Wendy MacRonald: Erica Nichole Walters, Kelly Knight Clifton
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