Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Actor Diaries

Editor's Note: Actor Kelly Knight is a newcomer to Desert Star Playhouse. She'll be playing Elle Woods in our next production: Legally Brunette. We asked Kelly to keep a diary of her experiences at Desert Star, to give our friends a backstage look at what’s it’s like to work here. Here is Kelly’s fourth entry...

9/22/11  The Laughs Keep Coming During Rehearsal!
By Kelly Knight

We've been in rehearsal for "Legally Brunette" for a week and a half now, and each day is a new and exciting experience!  One of the things that makes Desert Star unique is that they allow their actors to improvise, or change their lines.  This adds a fun feeling that “anything can happen” to the show.  Our director, Scott Holman, told us from the very beginning that we had some wiggle room for adding our own flare to the script. Coming from a traditional theatre background, I had no idea what this meant, but I certainly quickly found out!  I was blown away by the talent and ad-lib masterpieces of my fellow cast mates. 

When you put a bunch of comedy actors together for 4 hours a day, you are guaranteed to make a good script even better!  It is so fun to hear hilarious improv-ed lines that throw the entire cast into uncontrollable fits of laughter.  If the ad-libbed lines are funny enough, they make the cut and Scott tells us to leave it in the script for good. 

With one week before we open, I fully expect to continue laughing at each rehearsal, and I can’t wait to see how hilarious our show will be for opening night! 

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