Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An Evening You'll Never Forget

Collin Raye returns to Desert Star Dinner Theatre for another series of incredible dinner Concerts! With fantastic food and amazing music, you won't want to miss your chance to see music sensation, Collin Raye, up close and personal! Don't take our word for it, here's what past audiences had to say!

"The BEST experience I’ve had at a concert! Collin Raye’s performance was second to none. Not only was the food delicious, but the venue was incomparable to any other for the sound and acoustics. It was incredible! " Kaylinne Reed

"It was so fun to hear my old favorites like Little Rock and Love Me in such an intimate theater. Even from our seats on the back row,
it felt like he was singing to me in my living room!" Kasey Wadsworth

"My wife has been a big Collin Raye fan since she was a teen,and so for our anniversary, I purchased 2nd row tickets. One word. AMAZING. Our oldest daughter is about the same age as his granddaughter Haylie. Our daughter has special needs and he debuted his song "She's With Me" at the show. Tears streamed down our faces as we listened to a song that explained our emotions exactly. It is a memory I will always treasure." Geoffrey Sagers

"Collin Raye knows how to wow an audience. He sings, dances and gets your blood pumping with his upbeat songs, or melts your heart with his powerful ballads. He is one act worth seeing over and over again." Jennifer Christensen

"My husband and I saw Collin Raye for the first time in November of 2008 and it was a wonderful show. Al died in a terrible accident that December 1st so it was the last concert we saw together. I have made attending Collin’s concert an annual event, attending by myself and sitting in the same seat in the front of the balcony stage left. I just sit there and enjoy the music and remember what it was like have my sweetheart beside me." Karen Christoffersen

"Our experience seeing Collin Raye at Desert Start last year was incredible. We’ve seen him in the past in large venues, and it was amazing being so up-close and personal. We will definitely go again and are also buying tickets as presents for family members!" Scott Stanger

"We ate, laughed, cried, and even danced a little at the Collin Raye concert last year. We all had a great time!" Carolyn Swaim

"In 2010 my wife and I had a very hard year, and to celebrate our anniversary we saw Collin Raye at Desert Star Theater. I was able to get Collin to dedicate "Love Remains" to my wife. It’s a night we will always remember." James Moffitt

" I've been a Collin Raye fan for years. I've seen him several times in concert, but the concert at Desert Star was the best yet. Loved the intimate setting, with just him and two band members. Great food and music. Great night!" Cheryl Ward

"The Desert Star Playhouse provides the perfect setting for a wonderful evening, including a delicious meal and choice entertainment. Collin Raye kept the audience engaged singing his heart-felt ballads and spirited country tunes. My husband and I enjoyed the experience so much that we decided to make it a tradition we'll look forward to for years to come." Carie Erickson

"We are so lucky to have Collin Raye performing right in our backyard at the Desert Star Playhouse each year! His music is timeless and inspirational, and the intimate setting of the Playhouse theater perfectly enhances the experience. His concert will be a tradition for us for many years to come!" Julie Holbrook

"I had a wonderful time at my last Colin Raye concert there!!! I've had 2 brain tumors leaving me with pretty bad hearing. BUT I was able to enjoy the dulcet tones of my fave country singer because your theater is intimate, not too big and echo-y." Compliments to you!! Deb Jacobi

"I have gone to the show for the past 3 years and bring more girlfriends each year. We look forward to it every year!" Shalees Alfonso

"My wife has always been a fan of Collin Raye. I have spent many road trips with Little Red Rodeo blaring through the car speakers. I surprised her with tickets to his performance for our anniversary. The intimate venue makes the experience amazing! We will be doing this again!" Thomas Elegante

"His concerts are entertaining, fun and they just feel good!" Jill Hughes

"We have seen Collin Raye perform at other places but last year we attended his dinner and concert at Desert Star Playhouse. It was an incredible and intimate setting and the food was delicious. With this smaller venue Collin was able to see each of us and interact with his audience in a way that made it very personal." Jennifer Hansen

"We bought tickets in 1995, just before the concert my husband suffered a heart attack. We hadn’t seen him since then, until last year. It was very emotional reflecting back. His music always leaves us feeling more in love than before we started the evening. Thanks for the memories, Colin." Name Withheld

"Collin Raye is one performer who is well worth seeing again and again. We have attended the last two years. He is a consummate entertainer and a warm human being. The eclectic musical mix is fantastic." Pam Blanck

"After hearing Collin perform his heartfelt songs in such an intimate setting two years ago, I went again last year. I can’t wait to repeat the experience this year, too!" Linda Banner

"I have been a fan of Collin Raye for 20+ years now and my sweet husband always makes sure I make it to the Utah concerts. Last year was my favorite because the setting was so intimate as opposed to a big concert hall. I really loved the personal insights that Collin shared, and the food was excellent too! We'll see you in November." Julie Harward

"The Collin Raye concert at Desert Star was absolutely amazing! The dinner theater is so warm and intimate, the parking is great, and the sound and up-close seating is spectacular! Since attending the Collin Raye concert, I've sworn off the huge, cold ampitheater and
sports-arena concerts!
" Todd Hale

"My experience in the past with Collin Raye concerts goes like this: Awesome. I have always enjoyed watching Collin perform. When he talked about his granddaughter was being treated at Primary Children's Hospital I knew how he felt because I myself was treated there when I was young. Music is magic and it can help miracles to happen." Selar Tyler

"Wow! How lucky am I that I have been able to see Collin Raye at the Desert Star Playhouse for last three years. He’s a wonderful singer and performer and in this cozy atmosphere he makes you feel like a friend. BTW, the food is scrumptious! Loved it!!" Anita VanLieshout

"Desert Star Playhouse (exciting, great food) plus Collin Raye (genuine, amazing entertainer) equals a superb evening of enjoyment and fun. Two years ago as Collin was ending his concert and shaking hands with those on front row he missed me, but looked back at me saying "this songs for you." Name Withheld

"Colin Ray at the Desert Star is not just a enjoyable concert, it is an experience that will keep you humming and tapping your toe for months to come. For the last three years we have attended Colin’s annual intimate unplugged concert, and we will be back this year." Kim Cassett

"Collin Raye is one of my favorite artists, and he does an amazing job at Desert Star. It's such an intimate concert and GREAT experience! I love how Colin seems to engage everyone in the theater! It's better than any large production could ever be!" Jennifer Gunn

"Seeing Collin Raye at Desert Star was like attending my own private concert. The size of the theater creates an intimate bond with the performer. Collin Raye is an amazing and heartwarming entertainer, so having seats in the front row was truly incredible being that close. The evening was the ultimate birthday present: being serenaded, smiled and winked at by Collin." Maureen Farrell


THAT SAYS IT ALL!" Dawn Southwick

"I LOVE Collin Raye. The first year I went I swear he winked at me. BEST present ever!! The theater is intimate and feels like he is talking and singing just for me. I LOVE that you have been able to get him to come for my birthday every year!!" Marcia Thomson

"What a great experience to see Collin Raye so up close and personal. He has still got it! The energy in the room is magnetic! We loved the food, and the dinner theatre enviroment just can't be beat. I took my husband last year as a birthday gift and it definitely gained me new levels of awesomeness in his eyes!" Tiffany Dickson

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