Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Princess Bridesmaid Opens This Week!

What happens when a handsome prince is betrothed to a beautiful princess but falls in love with her bridesmaid?  An all new Desert Star comedy!  The Princess Bridesmaid opens Thursday March 29th.

According to Scott Holman, Desert Star’s Artistic Director, “Every time we make a ‘Princess Bride’ reference in one of our shows, the audience erupts with laughter.  So it was a no-brainer to give the Desert Star treatment to this beloved family classic.”
Prince Christopher The Robin (CTR for short), is betrothed to Snapdragon, a princess from a far away kingdom. But when they meet, Christopher discovers that beneath Snapdragon's beauty lies a heart of lead.  Then a chance encounter with Snapdragon's bridesmaid, the Lady Edelweiss, leads the prince to believe he’s found his true love.  After Edelweiss is kidnapped by mistake, Christopher wants to save her, but Snapdragon and her father, the evil King Heffalump the Weasel, are determined the wedding shall proceed on time. The Princess Bridesmaid must escape her captors, stop the wedding, and rescue her true love from certain death!
Don’t miss your chance to see our most requested parody!

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