Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Star Studded Weekend At Desert Star

Desert Star was buzzing last week as we welcomed LaVell and Patti Edwards, as well as Kurt Bestor, to performances of CSI: Provo.  That’s right, the REAL Edwards and Kurt Bestor!  There may have been some confusion because Patti, LaVell, and Kurt are all characters in the show! 

LaVell and Patti joined us on Thursday and really enjoyed the comic portrayals of  themselves (played by actors Matt Mullaney and Lisa Grow).  In the show, LaVell demands complete devotion to BYU, and only BYU. His dedication runs so deep that they only serve blue M & M’s in their home, giving all the other colors to charity.  Except the red ones. LaVell flushes those ones down the toilet.  LaVell enjoys mentioning that there is a stadium named in his honor and always carries a stopwatch--timing everyday events to whip those around him into better shape.  Patti, his long-suffering wife, makes killer snickerdoodles and can be feisty when she needs to be. She’s also an avid mall walker, and enjoys making craft projects out of Plastic Canvas--such as tissue box covers, placemats and even an entire Christmas village.

The REAL LaVell and Patti Edwards were seen laughing and thoroughly enjoying themselves as they watched CSI: Provo.  After the show they were both very complimentary and we managed to snap a picture of LaVell with the actors.

On Saturday, Kurt Bestor attended the show.  The well-known performer even made a guest appearance on our stage along with Richie T. Steadman, the actor who plays him in the show.  Luckily for us, the camera’s were rolling…

Kurt was a big hit with the audience and really enjoyed watching the show as well. The actors had a great time meeting him and getting a chance to work with him on stage.

Come join the fun and be a part of the comedy  at Desert Star Playhouse.

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