Monday, August 27, 2012

Announcing Our 25th Anniversary Season!

Desert Star Playhouse announces its 2013 anniversary season of hilarious shows. With a line-up that includes parodies of Hollywood blockbusters, book series phenomenon  and a Broadway classic, there will be laughs for the whole family. Season tickets go on sale August 28th for current season ticket holders and September 18th to the general public.

For 25 years Desert Star Playhouse has been producing one-of-a-kind musical comedies and this season is no exception.  Our 2013 season will have something for everyone to enjoy as we celebrate 25 years of family fun.  Here is a sneak peek at the hilarious 2013 season of shows. 

Science Fiction geek Walter gets a “Dear John” from his fiance because he spends too much time fantasizing about "Star Wars" and "Lord of the  Rings."  Now Walter must journey to Middle-Earth with a zany band of misfits to return balance to the the world...and his girlfriend.  Come along on this hilarious adventure to find out if Walter can defeat the Dark Lord Sharon and become a hero to couch potatoes everywhere.

 The Broadway musical of "Les Miz" is world renowned for its incredible music, operatic singing and dramatic storyline. Our version is just like that... only laugh-out-loud funny! Even if you've never seen the Broadway musical, we guarantee you’ll enjoy our hilarious comedic version of this classic tale! The story centers around Jean Levi-Jean, a man who was imprisoned for stealing a loaf of bread, and Inspector Javert, the obsessive constable who hounds him after he breaks parole. With funny songs, outrageous French accents, and lots of humor, it’s fun for the whole family.

Next Summer, Disney is releasing it’s next blockbuster, “The Lone Ranger”--from the same team that brought you "Pirates of the Caribbean," and starring--you guessed it--Johnny Depp.  We're pumped!  If you haven’t seen pictures online of Johnny dressed as Tonto with a bird nesting on his head, you've already missed a good laugh!  Desert Star is ready to poke fun at this classic cowboy and indian team in "The Lone Stranger."  Don’t miss our hilarious version!

 The futuristic book series and the blockbuster movie have captured the imagination of young and old alike!  Desert Star has also caught the fever and our imagination has been running wild.  Now, this popular story is about to get a Desert Star makeover.  Let’s face it, the subject matter of the original may be too dark for general audiences, but Desert Star is all about family fun!  Our all-new comedy promises to feed your hunger for laughs and have the entire family rolling in the aisles.

Have you ever wondered what happened to Ebenezer Scrooge after he decided to reform?  You’ll find out in this hilarious new chapter of the Christmas classic.  A vengeful Bob Cratchit wants to repay Scrooge for the years of misery he suffered.  With the help of his spoiled son, Tiny Tim, he plans to destroy Scrooge’s business. Belle, Scrooge’s old flame, becomes an unwitting pawn in Cratchit’s evil plans.  Now it’s up to Spirits of Christmas to save the day!  Filled with music, wacky characters and heartfelt moments, it’s the perfect entertainment for the holiday season! 

Call 801-266-2600 to renew your tickets today!

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