Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

We get lots of questions here at Desert Star.  Our patrons are always asking what happened to their favorite actor, who writes our shows, and many other questions.  We thought it would be fun to begin answering the most common questions here.  So, we now introduce to you the Frequently Asked Questions feature on our blog.  We will periodically answer a few of these questions to give you a behind-the-scenes look at Desert Star Playhouse.

Do I need to see the original (movie, TV show, etc.) to understand your parody?

Uncle Cosmo helping with Family Home Evening
(David Martin)
No, we have received this question a lot in regards to our upcoming show "Wicked-er: It's Not Easy Being Green" so we thought we'd answer it for everyone.  Our shows are stand alone comedies and you never need to see the original to fully enjoy a show at Desert Star. For 25 years Desert Star Playhouse has produced parodies of Hollywood movies, hit TV shows, and the biggest hits on Broadway.  There’s  something for everyone regardless of whether you’ve seen the original show we’re parodying or not. 

Much of the comedy in our shows isn't based on the original story.  Jokes about current events, local sports teams, and pop culture often make their way into our productions.  Another thing that makes our shows fun is that the actors are allowed to improvise or change their lines.  This adds a fun feeling that “anything can happen” during the show.  

Why are there neckties hanging from the ceiling in the Dinner Theatre lobby?

The neckties date back to a fun tradition of the old Desert Star Steakhouse. The Steakhouse used to operate where the Dinner Theatre is now located. It was well known by our patrons for its delicious steak dinners and Western atmosphere. Because the restaurant had a casual atmosphere, if a guest came in wearing a necktie, the servers would cut it off with a large pair of shears and hang it from the ceiling as a “trophy.” As our guests became familiar with this tradition, they would deliberately wear ugly neckties to the Steakhouse just to see them cut off and hung from the ceiling. The victim’s name and the date that each trophy was claimed can be found on each necktie. One of our most prized "trophies" is a necktie one of our customers fashioned out of metal to try and prevent our servers from cutting it off. It is currently hanging in on the back wall of the Dinner Theatre.

What happened to our favorite actor?
We frequently get requests from our patrons to bring back their favorite actor.  Such a request implies that the actor is no longer working here because Desert Star won’t cast them.  That’s rarely true.  
Cruella Addams (Heather Ferguson)
If you’ve seen an actor in enough shows for them to become your favorite, that means we like them too.  If you haven’t seen them on our stage in a while, it’s most likely their choice.  It’s disappointing to us too when a talented actor decides to take a break.  They do it for a variety reasons.  Sometimes it's for a wedding, or health issues, and to do a show somewhere else.   Happily, these actors will frequently return later on, and we we’re delighted when one of the old gang decides to come back.

For example in our current show, "The Addams Family Home Evening," the part of Cruella Addams is played by two familiar faces that have been absent for over a year.  Heather Ferguson and Julie Heaton have returned after taking some time off and we are glad to have them back.

Can I do a marriage proposal at Desert Star?
Getting engaged is one of the most important events in person’s life, and we’re honored when one of our patrons wants to make Desert Star part of that special memory.  Not only that, but our audiences love being a part of this thrilling moment.  
If you want to propose to that special someone at Desert Star, here’s how it works: We’ll create an opportunity during our “birthdays and anniversaries” intermission to get you and your intended-fianc√© on stage in front of the entire audience.  If you wish, you can arrange to have flowers brought from off stage.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to say a few words and pop the big question while receiving thunderous applause from the audience.  
Due to time constraints, we’re unable to permit special songs, skits, prerecorded music, friends on stage, or other elaborate things that would lengthen out the proposal.  
If you’d like to have your proposal at Desert Star, contact the box office at (801)-266-2600 at least a week in advance to make arrangements.

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