Monday, August 27, 2012

Conjuring Up A Wickeder New Parody

What if Vanna White went to Oz and became even more wicked than the Wicked Witch of the West? That’s the premise behind Wicked-er: It’s Not Easy Being Green, Desert Star’s new comedy opening August 30! With a new villain in town, the Wicked Witch must team up with her former enemies to battle their new foe.
Vanna White, the glamorous letter-turner from Wheel of Fortune, finds herself in Oz after an explosion blows her dressing room Over the Rainbow! She starts out much like Dorothy, getting the ruby sneakers and setting off in search of the Emerald City.  But things change when she leaves the Yellow Brick Road and follows her GPS system. Then Vanna learns how to control the ruby sneakers, and she becomes even wickeder than the Wicked Witch! Now the witches of Oz must join forces to defeat Vanna before she takes over their kingdom.

Here is the talented cast for this all new comedy

Vanna White Corinne Adair, Michelle Smith

Glinda – Ashley Haslam, Carlie Christofferson

Tabitha – Kelly Clifton, Camee Faulk

Sheldon Cooper – Corey Brandenbutger, Andrew Nadon

Zach Galifinakis – Jeff Jensen, Adam Griffith

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Rick Miller, Matthew Mullaney

Pat Sajak and many others – Bryan Dayley, Tyrus Williams

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